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Is Johnson the new Captain Chaos?


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My opinion is that JJ should trust his stuff more and challenge hitters. For whatever reason he is nibbling more this year.

Nibbling? He doesn't have a clue from pitch to pitch where he is throwing the ball. He does have movement, the problem is too much movement. Overall he does have success, but he certainly isn't a shutdown closer.

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I'm not going to act like I knew he was going to blow the game tonight, because I did not. But it was just one of those games where I had a real bad feeling going into the 9th, to the point that I turned the game off before the inning started. Checked back and saw that we had indeed lost.

Tough one to take.

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Knew he was going to blow it from literally the first pitch. Every single time he has thrown a up and away fastball to the first batter, he has blown the save or made it close. That is when you know he doesn't have it, when you see that up and away fastball that slips out of his hands.

So frustrating.

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When you walk the lead off guy on four pitches as a closer, you should automatically be yanked. He was terrible. Everything was up and crappy.

He earned that loss.

He got the ball down for 2 groundouts. Giambi was sitting fastball and got it.

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He was terrible tonight. Looks either gassed or injured.

I don't know if he's injured, but he might have arm fatigue.

Whatever it is, he absolutely under no circumstances should be pitching 3 nights in a row. Especially when he looked completely gassed the night before.

Just accept that it was a terrible managerial decision and move on.

Letting casilla play last night and tonight were both great moves by Buck. Bringing in Johnson was a terrible move.

It happens, call it what it is and move on.

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