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Who Are YOUR All-Stars?

Spy Fox

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Everyone always has plenty of critiques of the All Star rosters.

SO, with less than a week until the teams are revealed and the resumes pretty much established, here's a thread to name your own All Star team.

You can use any criteria you like to determine who you think should be headed to Citi Field in two weeks. But if we're assuming the role of the All Star manager, try to follow the MLB rules of having 34 players on the roster, including at least one from each team in the league. If you want you can even make it a bit more realistic by selecting 33 players for guaranteed spots and five more players to be nominated for the Final Vote by fans.

Let the debates begin!

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And here are mine:



Lf Mike Trout, LAA

C Joe Mauer, MIN

3b Miguel Cabrera, DET

1b Chris Davis, BAL

Dh Davis Ortiz, BOS

Rf Jose Bautista, TOR

Cf Adam Jones, BAL

Ss Jhonny Peralta, DET

2b Jason Kipnis, CLE

Sp Max Scherzer, DET


C Jason Castro, HOU

C Carlos Santana, CLE

1b Edwin Encarnacion, TOR

2b Dustin Pedroia, BOS

Ss JJ Hardy, BAL

3b Evan Longoria, TBR

3b Manna Machado, BAL

3b Josh Donaldson, OAK

Of Alex Rios, CHW

Of Jacoby Ellsbury, BOS

Of Brett Gardner, NYY

Of Nelson Cruz, TEX

Sp Felix Hernandez, SEA

Sp Chris Sale, CHW

Sp Derek Holland, TEX

Sp Hisashi Iwakuma, SEA

Sp Ervin Santana, KC

Sp Anibal Sanchez, DET

Sp Yu Darvish, TEX

Sp *****

Rp Mariano Rivera, NYY

Rp Joe Nathan, TEX

Rp Greg Holland, KCR

Rp Glen Perkins, MIN

**Final Vote Candidates**

Sp James Shields (KCR), Sp Bartolo Colon (OAK), Sp Alex Cobb (TBR), Sp Hiroki Kuroda (NYY), Sp Doug Fister (DET)



Cf Carlos Gomez, MIL

3b David Wright, NYM

Dh Joey Votto, CIN

Lf Carlos Gonzalez, COL

1b Paul Goldschmidt, ARI

C Buster Posey, SFG

Rf Michael Cuddyer, COL

Ss Jean Segura, MIL

2b Matt Carpenter, STL

Sp Matt Harvey, NYM


C Yadier Molina, STL

C Wilin Rosario, COL

1b Antony Rizzo, CHC

2b Brandon Phillips, CIN

Ss Everth Cabrera, SDP

Ss Ian Desmond, WAS

Of Andrew McCutchen, PIT

Of Shin-Soo Choo, CIN

Of Carlos Beltran, STL

Of Dominic Brown, PHI

Of Dexter Fowler, COL

Sp Adam Wainwright, STL

Sp Cliff Lee, PHI

Sp Jordan Zimmermann, WAS

Sp Patrick Corbin, ARI

Sp Clayton Kershaw, LAD

Sp Mat Latos, CIN

Sp Jose Fernandez, MIA

Sp *****

Rp Jason Grilli, PIT

Rp Craig Kimbrel, ATL

Rp Aroldis Chapman, CIN

Rp Bobby Parnell, NYM

**Final Vote Candidates**

Sp Shelby Miller (STL), Sp Stephen Strasburg (WAS), Sp Jeff Locke (PIT), Sp Mike Leake (CIN), Sp Hyun-Jin Ryu (LAD)

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I hadn't voted once all season long until today. Now I've logged over 750 votes this afternoon for the following:


1B Chris Davis

2B Kipnis

SS Hardy

3B M. Cabrera

C Mauer

DH Ortiz

OF Trout

OF Jones

OF Bautista


1B Goldschmidt

2B Carpenter

SS Segura

3B Wright

C Molina

OF Carlos Gonzalez

OF Carlos Gomez

OF McCutchen

I thought about voting for Manny over Cabrera but I couldn't. If Manny was still ahead of him in WAR and didn't cool off in the month of June then I would have enjoyed voting for him.

Goldschmidt vs Votto took me the longest to choose. I almost took Votto but decided Goldschmidt for really no particular reason.

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I thought about voting for Manny over Cabrera but I couldn't. If Manny was still ahead of him in WAR and didn't cool off in the month of June then I would have enjoyed voting for him.

Baseball reference still has Machado ahead, 5.0 to 4.8.


Nice list Spy Fox, I wouldn't have Jones starting in the AL and I would have Puig in the final four vote in the NL.

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C Joe Mauer

1B Chris Davis

2B Dustin Pedroia

SS Jhonny Peralta

3B Miguel Cabrera

LF Mike Trout

CF Jacoby Ellsbury

RF Ben Zobrist

DH David Ortiz





SP Max Scherzer

CL Mariano Rivera


C Yadier Molina

1B Paul Goldschmidt

2B Matt Carpenter

SS Everth Cabrera (Tulo is hurt)

3B David Wright

LF Carlos Gonzalez

CF Andrew McCutchen

RF Carlos Gomez (NL RFers suck so I'm putting a CF there)

DH Buster Posey

Joey Votto

Gerardo Parra

Jean Segura

Russell Martin

SP Matt Harvey

CL Craig Kimbrel

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Nice list Spy Fox, I wouldn't have Jones starting in the AL and I would have Puig in the final four vote in the NL.

Thanks. And yeah Jones is the one place I definitely gave weight to my Orioles fandom.. I'm not convinced that Jones is one of the best three AL outfielders this year, but it's a relatively weak field compared to the NL outfielders and there wasn't anyone who was CLEARLY more deserving than Jones, so I put him in.

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Hmm, some questionable home-team selections by the managers. I'd argue that Fielder and Hunter from DET and Bumgarner and Scutaro from SFG are some of the more surprising picks. All of them are having pretty good seasons, but in all four cases there are other candidates from teams that aren't the manager's that are pretty undeniably having better seasons.

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