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Depressing Twins-NYY facts


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In 2001, the last year of Tom Kelly's career, the Twins won the season series against the Yankees, 4-2. Since then, and including tonight's debacle:

  • No AL team has a worse regular-season record against the Yankees than the Twins (21-56, .273). The next two closest teams are Kansas City (26-57, .313) and Cleveland (27-58, .318--though the 22-0 win and 2007 ALDS almost make up for that).
  • Including the postseason, the Twins have lost nearly 75 percent of their games against NY under Ron Gardenhire (23-68, .253). Minnesota has lost in the ALDS in its last five postseason appearances; four of those losses came to the Yankees, including sweeps in 2009 and '10.
  • Gardenhire lost his first 13 games against the Yankees overall and his first 10 in the Bronx, finally getting off the schneid in the middle game of a 3-game series in July '05. Minnesota has lost every series in New York under Gardenhire save for a four-game split in April 2012.
  • The Yankees swept the regular-season series in 2002 (6-0), 2003 (7-0, plus 3-1 in postseason), and 2009 (7-0, plus 3-0 in postseason).
  • The Yankees are 30-7 (.811) at home against Minnesota in that time. The only other AL team with fewer than 10 wins in New York since 2002 is Cleveland, against which the NYY are 32-9 at home (.780). Kansas City (.756) and Detroit (.711) round out the .700 level. (Interestingly, the Yankees are "only" 22-15 (.595) at home against the ChiSox in that span, their third-worst home record behind Boston (55-52, .514) and LAA (26-24, .520).)

From 2004-08 Minnesota won four of six series in Minneapolis and split another (though the Twins went 3-14 in NY during that time and did no better than a 3-3 split of the season series in 2005 and '06), but the Twins have now lost four straight home series to the NYY and are 0-7-1 in their last eight series against them. Sounds like just what the doctor ordered coming off a three-game sweep at OPACY...

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