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Roch contradicts OH report


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Being an insider is a double edged sword. They have access to information they gladly want to pass on to other posters to have someone to discsuss the information with. The problem with it on a message board is that there is no way to control who "overhears" the content and thus they can easily anger or burn the source.

The other major problem is that a large portion of message board populations dont understand how complicated making a deal really is. Its a landscape filled with pitfalls and traps that can easily destroy a deal. That why the trades fall through and insider information doesnt always pan out. Ive always stressed patience with what inside information i recieve out of respect for my sources and how difficult trades in any professional sport are to consumate.

So, for Peace, amd Belkfast, and all the others(who some how have totally disapeared from my mind), thank you. If you feel that posting your insider information is casuing a problem, you have every right to withold it. I would recomned that if the constant searching out and badgering of the insiders for more inforomation becomes a problem that it might be best to create an alias to post from.


So...they need an alias...for the alias they already use as a screenname...? :P

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That is on the list of things Comedy Central used to show, never does any more, and should knock-off a few MadTV episodes a day to show again, along with the Dana Carvey HBO Special and about 30-40 "Comedy Central Presents..."

#1 on that list should be Kids in the Hall. If they're gonna show a sketch comedy show during the day, might as well make it one that one.

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