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Roch contradicts OH report


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Actually it's a black hole of stupidity so dense that no intelligence can escape it's grasp.

But hey, you get what you pay for.

Uh, gee...wonder why they're so critical of the Hangout? Broad generalizations much? :rolleyes:

There are plenty of intelligent posters there. To be honest, it's been a pleasure to have some of them climb aboard here over the last few weeks and months. I've quite enjoyed the contribution of guys like Stotle and would like to encourage others like him to add to the mix here. Comments like yours, BTerp, aren't really conducive to that.

Not to mention that I believe we're above bashing an entire group of ANYONE...except for Yankees and Red Sox fans. :D

Seriously...this site's already got a small handful of detractors over there. Don't put fuel on their fire. It serves no good purpose to the Orioles Hangout Community.

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