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Yasiel Puig getting a bad rep around MLB

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Like everyone who's seen the Yasiel Puig play, Arizona catcher Miguel Montero sees and admires the athleticism of the Dodgers rookie phenom.

Montero also sees an attitude that needs refining.

"Does he have talent? Of course. It'd be really bad if he wasted it doing the stupid things he is doing now," Montero said before the Diamondbacks hosted the Dodgers on Wednesday night.

He's wasting it to the tune of a 2.5 or so WAR while Montero has an OPS of .624.

That animosity came to a head last month with a bench-clearing brawl -- in which Puig played a supporting role by throwing a couple of haymakers after being hit by a pitch in the head earlier in the game.

Probably not a good idea to escalate a brawl in MLB but it sounds like he definitely had cause.

Case in point, the second post-brawl meeting between the two teams on Tuesday. The Dodgers had their way with the D-backs for the second consecutive night, winning 6-1 to close the gap in the standings to 2?. LA broke the game open in the fifth inning -- going up 4-0 on Adrian Gonzalez's bases-loaded fly ball to the warning track in center field that Adam Eaton dropped after he stumbled and fell.

Ricky Nolasco and Carl Crawford scored on the error, and Puig, who was on first base, tried to follow Crawford home, running through a stop sign from third-base coach Tim Wallach. The throw to the plate was well ahead of Puig, and the 6-foot-2, 245-pounder was tagged out after what appeared to be a half-hearted attempt to run through Montero.

After the game, Montero said he understood Puig's charge but did not appreciate a stare Puig threw back after the play. Montero responded by wagging his finger in Dikembe Mutombo fashion.

"You don't need to look at me if you get out," Montero said. "That's it. I'm not starting anything. He's looking at me, like, I don't know ... He was out. That's all I care. The damage was already done.

lol seriously who cares. Maybe he liked the color of mascara Montero had on and was entranced by his boyish good looks or maybe he's just a doofus with faux intensity.

"He plays with a lot of arrogance," Diamondbacks starting pitcher Ian Kennedy said. "He's young. He's a pretty good player. ... I don't know if he was trying to run him (Montero) over or what."

Could you imagine if this was our hotshot young player, we were in last, and the first place Yankees players were the ones complaining about our guy having the nerve--THE NERVE I SAY--to play hard-nosed baseball?

The Arizona Republic's Dan Bickley revealed Wednesday that Puig gave the cold shoulder to D-backs legend Luis Gonzalez when the 2001 World Series hero, who has Cuban heritage, approached Puig while he was waiting his turn at the batting cage on Tuesday.

"I wanted to say hi to Puig because my family is from Cuba," Gonzalez explained later in the day on the Diamondbacks flagship radio station Arizona Sports 620.

"I didn't expect him to know who I was, that's why I introduced myself as Luis Gonzalez," he said. "I just tried to shrug it off and walk away, and (Dodgers batting coach) Mark McGwire saw it a different way and proceeded to tell him something."

Gonzalez, who holds a position in the Diamondbacks front office, was known as one of the game's more congenial players, and while not directly criticizing Puig, Gonzalez noted in a roundabout way that the rising star perhaps doesn't fully appreciate the position he's in.

"To me it's all about integrity and how you carry yourself around people, and I've felt like I've gone above and beyond to respect the game and respect people around the game.

And he respectfully did lots and lots of steroids. Probably. Allegedly.

"He's kicking everybody's ass, so some people are jealous. They're going to pop off on him. I'm just thinking about how am I going to get this guy out tonight. I'm not offended by any of that. I think the way he plays is awesome."

Gibson said he did believe Puig attempted to smash into Montero, but that was OK, too.

Somehow I had a feeling Gibson would someone defending him :laughlol:

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He's wasting it to the tune of a 2.5 or so WAR while Montero has an OPS of .624.

Miguel is my go to C in every fantasy draft, for about three years now. Probably earlier than I need too. :P But he is definitely down this year. It's a little early to say it but MM is no Puig.

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