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Things I think ought to change...

Mad Mark

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Mods: you may want to bounce this to the MLB area, but I feel it's relevant to the Orioles predicament...

If I could change any four things about MLB tomorrow, here's what they'd be:

1) Revenue Sharing: All clubs throw 75% of their local revenues into a common pot, which is then divided among all the clubs. While clubs do not have to put their RS dollars into salaries, they must put them into the team (scouting, stadium improvements, international development, etc.)

2) The Leagues: Total of 32 teams in two leagues. Four four-team divisions per league. One wild card per league. Wild Card team plays a three-game set vs the worst of the four division winners to see who advances to the Division Series. Division, Championship and World Series are all seven games each. Home team for each series is the team that finished with the better record in the regular season.

3) The Schedules: Balanced schedules with no interleague play. Even if your division sucks, you still have to play all the big boys the same number of times as everyone else. Because of the extra length of the playoffs, Saturday or Sunday day/night split admission doubleheaders are mandatory one weekend per month per team throughout the regular season.

4) The Uniforms: (Brace yourselves...pet peeves coming!) No team entering the league after 1960 is allowed to have home pinstripes. No team is allowed to have road pinstripes, period. All jerseys will have names on the back. Teams will be strongly encouraged to have four jerseys (home, road, home alt, road alt).

That's my basic program. I'd love to hear what my fellow OHers think.

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I think the first round should be 7 games due to the fact that a team works their butt off for 162 games to make the playoffs. Five games really isn't fair and I think a lot of these first series, the best team doesn't win.

Then again, what am I saying... I sure do love me some Yankees getting bounced in the first round religiously :)

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Things I would change:

1.) Allow trading of draft picks prior to drafting a given player. Orioles trade Bedard and next years #1 to Seattle for?

2.) Minimum and Maximum hard salary caps. The Marlins shouldn't be allowed to have a $12-15 Million payroll and the Yankees shouldn't be allowed to have a $200 Million one. The league will give the Marlins around $15 due to profit sharing that comes from luxury taxes and MLB revenues. The team will make $60-$80 Million before the season even starts. That is a shame! If the Yankees go over the cap by $20 Million, then that is their penalty. Making the Yankees pay a luxury tax of $9 Million is a joke.

3.) Drugs tests become available to the public. They are to be given once a month during the off season and twice a month during the season. My wife used to work for a company that did the blood tests for MLB. Teams got to choose 10-15 players to get tested once or twice during the year. Guys that were optioned to the minors or claimed off of waivers didn't take the test with their old teams.

4.) Either make contracts incentive ladden or remove incentives all together and set the yearly salary. I want to sign a guy to a $6 Million deal to hit 30+ homers at the yard. If he hits the 30+ homers I am paying him for then Iwill give him a $1 Million bonus! Hogwash.... I was hired to build a good computer, if I fail then I am out of work.

5.) Count above average players that were signed overseas as a given teams draft picks for next year. Think of this as a supplemental draft like football has implemented. I like this guy enough to give up a certain rounds draft pick. A board of MLB approved scouts will grade the picks, if deemed to be a first rounder, the team selecting the player will lose that pick. Teams will be bumped up accordingly. Let's say the Pirates were drafting 16th (Yeah right) and the Mets, Yankees, Red Sox, and Dodgers all drafted higher than Pittsburgh (Yeah right) and signed foreign players with elite talent. The Pirates would draft 12th.

6.) Allow teams to franchise one palyer a year and give that player the average of the top 5 players at his position. This will give a team more leverage to sign or trade a given player.

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do away with revenue sharing... salary cap.

YOU DON'T GO OVER IT! (you must spend at least 50% of the salary cap)

I simply don't understand why anybody not named Steinbrenner would want any kind of salary cap and no revenue sharing. All that does is make the Yankee$ owners richer! (And those of about four other teams as well, but you get my drift!)

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