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vs. ROYALS, 7/24


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Pretty nice bunt, but I hope he was bunting for a hit, because otherwise I'm not sure it was a good idea. Nate is speedy and was already in scoring position, I don't intentionally give up an out to move him to third there.

It was a great bunt but Tejada was already on the grass. No chance for a hit.

Machado should have tried to yank one down the line. Tejada wouldn't have gotten it.

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I'm timed to think the game starts at 5 after the hour, but they do things weird in KC. 8:10. A few more minutes.

These starts are the worst for me. 705 or 730 are great. If it is going to be a 100 or 1030 start I can gird my loins for the late run. 805 or 810 just makes me stare at the clock.

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Id just like for once a meaningful sacrifice fly. Once. They CANT freaking do it.

In the last 3 games the O's have failed to get a run in:

Man on 3rd 0 out (twice)

Man on 3rd 1 out (this game)

Bases loaded 0 out (twice).

They'll pick it up but this is really frustrating.

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