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Nick Markakis is a ridiculous number three hitter


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Hes outside of the top hundred in slugging and barely in it in ops. He doesnt even have thirty extra base hits. He is a slap hitter with no power or speed. He is no threat to drive anyone in from first, thats absurd. I realize everyone loves nick, but he is no number three hitter

I know, I know....OH:cussing: but thats fine. Markakis had one of the worst ABs in baseball history yesterday in the first. Why do we bunt McLouth to third for a guy who doesnt even have sas fly power.

I realize other guys need to get going, but if we're going to win this thing we are going to need better bats behind Davis and need him protecting Manny.

  1. Nate
  2. Manny
  3. Chris
  4. Jones
  5. Nick
  6. Hardy
  7. Matty
  8. Henry
  9. Roberts

...An aside -- this team has some of the most frustrating losses Ive ever seen. With expectations come some frustrations, but there aren't many losses we've had this year where we didnt have a chance late.

....speaking of ... JJ crushes the ball for a line out. Brutal series so far.

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The number three slot in the batting order is the fifth most important.

Batting order is relatively unimportant to begin with.

Is it definitive that 5 is more important than 3? I thought it was kind of a tossup.

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I know all the batting lineup arguments, but no one can tell me Nick wasn't hitting better last year when he was batting leadoff compared to this year when he's hitting lower in the order.

He was good at leading off, and he has great stats batting 2nd, and his worst stats batting 3rd I believe. Yet Buck bats him there. Why bother complaining? Nothing is going to change.

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This has been posted 3 times in response to his threads about lineup order, I believe. It's not sinking in.

Three times this season alone. :rolleyes:

That is why I tried mixing it up with a different font.

Just because something has been done a certain way for 100 years doesn't mean it's the right way.

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I disagree that #3 is 5th most important slot. Mainly because your #3 guy gets more PAs than anyone below him. So having a good slugging pct there gets you more RISP. Or a good OPS plus speed does the same. You don't want your slugger hitting leadoff because you want runners on, but I agree Davis hitting 3rd would make most sense. Markakis should ideally be 7th to 9th.

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