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Adam Jones continues to have some of the most absurd ABs of all time


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He is talented, but absolutely reckless. He takes swings you dont see anywhere else and he does it all the time. He is talented enough to have fine numbers with this approach, but it would be nice if he made the pitcher work every time he was up. I love to hear baseball people talk about "recognizing the rotation" -- AJ swings at pitches that are eight inches outside, and low, twenty feet before they reach the dish... and then they break much further down and away....but AJ has already decided he is in...whatever is coming, AJ is in! Its almost as if his plan is to swing at a wild pitch and then run first. He and Markakis need to have a chat...they both need a little of what the other has.

Nick makes me fear the nine man infield and AJ looks like he thinks hes in a charity softball game. When Nick bats I feel like I can see him turning sixty years old right in front of my eyes. Meanwhile, AJ has a guy with forty HRs behind him, and he doesnt make anyone throw him a strike. Hes is the one guy who seems to have AJ on his mind first and the team second. It is disappointing to watch at times.

I believe the Os will make the playoffs, I believe we made three unnecessary trades, I believe this is heaven to no one else but me.

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I've been beating this drum for quite a while now. The O's need a legit big league hitter in the middle of their lineup. You can't have your 3 and 4 hitters giving at bats away like it's the first time they've seen a breaking ball. They need someone right in the middle that is going to be a tough out to get deep into the playoffs.

We all saw it last year against the Yanks in the playoffs. Hell Davis was swinging at anything Sabathia threw up there before it was even pitched. You need one or two ( two in a perfect world) tough outs in your lineup that are key spots to drive in runs. Jones should be in the 5 hole and would thrive in that spot.

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I don't know why so many people obsess about a bad abs by Adam Jones. Lots of our guys had bad swings today. Chris Davis didn't put a single good swing on the ball. Jones is aggressive and sometimes had bad swings. It would be great if he could recognize the slider in the dirt. I'm sure he'd like to but sometimes he can't. Get over it.

You can either focus on a few bad abs or you can watch and appreciate the guy who may end the best centerfielder in team history. I'm definitely going for the latter.

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Can't we do both? I think most posters recognize all of the good things he does, at the same time agonizing over the terrible approach and terrible AB's he has at times.

My wife has some flaws that irritate me, but I've stopped obsessing about it. They're not going to change, and I still love her and think she's a great wife. So, I may bark at my TV when Jones swings at a breaking pitch in the dirt, but I'm done posting threads about it. I might as well complain about the sun rising in the East.

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I don't know why any pitchers try to throw strikes to Jones. If they just keep throwing pitches down and away, Jones will eventually swing and miss three of them.

That is what happened yesterday in one at bat.

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ALWAYS something to complain about Jones here. The nature of the blog. He may be the best most hated player ever here. I don't think there is a player on the team that wants to win more than Jones.He presses too much when the hitters around him are struggling. The O's haven't gotten much form 2, 3 and 6 lately and even the 5 hitter has been iffy lately. Yesterday's line-up was built to lose. So, talk about the "worse AB ever" with some objectivity.

PS-look at Davis against CC in playoffs for more worse AB's in history.

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