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PED Penalties


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I was thinking if we really want to clean up the use of PED's we need to move past player suspensions and add organizational penalties to the player suspensions.

If Texas is allowed to not pay Cruz and then use that money to pay Rios they lose nothing.

If Detroit is allowed to trade for Iglesias and plug him in for Peralta, why do they care if Peralta was cheating.

If the Yankees are able to get out from under A-Rod's contract than they are actually rewarded.

What if a team forfeited 5 wins for every player violation??

Than the organization and every player on the team would have an incentive to keep it clean.

It would be too complicated to assign the 5 wins to the teams opponents and I propose that individual stats be un-affected but for the purpose of the standings the Yankees, Tigers, Rangers.... would all have 5 less wins.

In the case of the Rangers it would move them behind the O's in the wild card standings and would be very painful to the organization.

Suspending the players and giving the money back to the teams that looked the other way will never clean up the game

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