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The Cavalry falls on the West Coast: David Hernandez's fall from grace


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It's a remarkable fall from grace for Hernandez, who was being spoken of as heir apparent to the closer's spot coming into the season, having put up a stellar 2.94 ERA over 146 appearances in 2011 and 2012, since being traded from the Orioles for Mark Reynolds, with a staggering K-rate of 11.4 per nine innings. This season started off little differently, with a 2.84 ERA and 14 strikeouts over 12.2 April innings. Then the wheels started to fall off. At first it was more of a loosening, with a 3.60 ERA in May. But from the middle of the following month, he seemed to disintegrate, through tonight's outing, where he allowed two runs in an inning of work - apparently the final straw.
But whatever the reason may be, Hernandez's line from June 11 on, was just awful, a two-month gurgling vortex of suck.

21.0 IP, 21 H, 23 R, 22 ER, 12 BB, 20 K, 5 HR, 9.43 ERA

And if anything, DH had actually been lucky, with a season BABIP coming into today of .260, well below average..

Hernandez had signed a 2/$3.5M contract to avoid two years of arbitration this past off-season. He is locked in at $2M next year for the Diamondbacks. Hopefully he can figure out whatever it is that is keeping him down.

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