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Bud Norris has a great demeanor on the mound

Flacco Machado

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First off, he really showed me something yesterday. I thought he would be done after the 2nd inning. He persevered and fought his way through 5 tough innings and kept us in the game.

He can be very demonstrative on the mound. If you notice, before he throws his first pitch, he'll stand at the back of the mound for a good 30 seconds. He closes his eyes, takes some deep breaths, and I assume prays. Then, he'll mark something with his finger on the pitcher's mound. I wonder what it says? He's into every pitch. He just has a number of quirks, that I find cool.

Did anyone notice when Buck went over to take him out of the game, that Norris pointed to the field like, "I'm going back out there, right?" Buck said, "No". He shook his hand and then Bud punched the dugout roof with his LEFT hand. ("Remember that, Meat. Never hit anything or anybody with your pitching hand)".

Anyway, he just seems like a guy that cherishes every moment and every pitch he throws. Taking nothing for granted. It's hard not to root for a guy like that. I think it was a great trade for the O's to get Norris and I look forward to seeing what he does the rest of this season and the next two years as an Oriole.

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Hell, I will be surprised if Bud wins 17 games in his entire Orioles' career.

More than wins, if anything, I think his influence on guys like Bundy and Gausman will be HUGE. He just seems to be that type of person. By 2015, our rotation should have Bundy, Tillman, Gausman, and Norris. I'll take that.

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Yes...the guy who has a 2.85 ERA and 3 O's wins in his first 3 starts with the team, I can see how you came up with this solid prediction.

If you think this is the type of talent he is, you are sorely mistaken.

Do I think Norris will be decent, yeah, but he also had a worse July than Jason Hammel. Norris will throw lots of stinkers, it just hasn't happened yet.

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    • I don’t think I’d put it this way.  The Mets have had a remarkably consistent year.  They’ve been above .500 every month (15-10 in Sept.).  They’ve played .600.+ baseball in every month but one (13-12 in June). They’ll end up between 98 and 104 wins.  That’s a great year.   The fact that Atlanta has nearly caught them is more a testament to Atlanta’s hot play than any sputtering by the Mets.    
    • Thanks Frobby for beating me to the punch, but yes, Chuck did Youmans work this year. He did it every single day througout the season. Amazing work. Thanks Chuck!
    • I have zero issues with Judge hitting his home run against the Orioles as long as it's in a loss. Walking him a bunch in an attempt to deny him is unsportsmanlike and petty and I can guarantee Hyde would have nothing to with that kind of stuff.
    • Good analysis, but of course in the real world it also depends who your alternatives are in COF or as DH.  Santander’s WAR couid go down but the team WAR could go up if you have a better defensive alternative who saves more on defense than you’d lose on offense by playing some other guy at DH. Just to look at this in a concrete way, are you better off with Santander in RF and Mancini at DH, or McKenna in RF and Santander at DH?  The fact that Santander individually loses some WAR by moving to DH is irrelevant.   
    • In his career, Judge has homered against us 35 times in 84 games (79 starts).   That’s more than .4 homers per game.   So yes, I’d say the odds favor him hitting one against us this weekend. I just want to beat the Yankees.   Anything that happens in an Orioles win is okay with me.   
    • Let the man hit.  Judge is a decent guy and the major league record is 73.  I don't consider Bonds' record a "real" record because of all the steroids he was on, but it's still the record.  Not sure what the insane level of hate for Judge is about.  I have no problem hating Yankees who are d-bags, but hate of random Yankee and hate of players like Roberts who went to the Yankees because no one else wanted him are over the edge. I think what I really hate are Yankee fans.
    • Is it really a big problem?    Walking guys is only rarely a good strategy.  
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