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Bud Norris has a great demeanor on the mound

Flacco Machado

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First off, he really showed me something yesterday. I thought he would be done after the 2nd inning. He persevered and fought his way through 5 tough innings and kept us in the game.

He can be very demonstrative on the mound. If you notice, before he throws his first pitch, he'll stand at the back of the mound for a good 30 seconds. He closes his eyes, takes some deep breaths, and I assume prays. Then, he'll mark something with his finger on the pitcher's mound. I wonder what it says? He's into every pitch. He just has a number of quirks, that I find cool.

Did anyone notice when Buck went over to take him out of the game, that Norris pointed to the field like, "I'm going back out there, right?" Buck said, "No". He shook his hand and then Bud punched the dugout roof with his LEFT hand. ("Remember that, Meat. Never hit anything or anybody with your pitching hand)".

Anyway, he just seems like a guy that cherishes every moment and every pitch he throws. Taking nothing for granted. It's hard not to root for a guy like that. I think it was a great trade for the O's to get Norris and I look forward to seeing what he does the rest of this season and the next two years as an Oriole.

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Hell, I will be surprised if Bud wins 17 games in his entire Orioles' career.

More than wins, if anything, I think his influence on guys like Bundy and Gausman will be HUGE. He just seems to be that type of person. By 2015, our rotation should have Bundy, Tillman, Gausman, and Norris. I'll take that.

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Yes...the guy who has a 2.85 ERA and 3 O's wins in his first 3 starts with the team, I can see how you came up with this solid prediction.

If you think this is the type of talent he is, you are sorely mistaken.

Do I think Norris will be decent, yeah, but he also had a worse July than Jason Hammel. Norris will throw lots of stinkers, it just hasn't happened yet.

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    • Good question/scenario to pose. I believe that middle relief is a need for us because we really only have 3 reliable relievers. Bautista, Cano, and half of Coulombe and half of Baker...lol But in seriousness, we need to be leading in games for that even to matter which means our starter has to get through 5/6 and be better than theirs. I don't really like that proposition against elite teams. In the playoffs, you are going to have to win some lower scoring games. I'm not convinced that our starters can hold down the opposition for our relief pitching to even matter. (beyond maybe Wells for 5 innings). We had a SUPER ELITE BP with Miller, Brach, O'Day, and Britton and it didn't really matter in the end. That was because our O couldn't score, this time it will probably be because our starters can't be effective for long enough. I'm not against BP help whatsoever, but I think an impact starter is needed also. And if I had to rank the two, I would place starting pitcher as the greater need.
    • I'll just add, in the MLB.com highlights they have her call of the Josh Lester RBI single, and she misses what happened the botched cutoff that allowed the third run to score from first. She just stops paying attention to the play and is caught off guard when the third run scores.  https://www.mlb.com/gameday/orioles-vs-giants/2023/06/04/717890/final/wrap 
    • Every time I ask the same question you seem to ignore it and not answer it, so let me state it as plainly as I know how. Of MIN, TEX, NY, HOU, TB; which team would you prefer the O's rotation to theirs? Which of those teams would be willing to trade their best 3/4 starters for ours (the players that can be pencilled in to start a playoff series)? Do you follow/keep track of those teams and who they have or just the O's?
    • Is it too early (and possibly too crazy) to suggest that they may be a better road team than they are at home?    
    • I'm not very high on Giolito. How much better does he really make us? I would prefer to have a starter who can truly match up with the McClanahans, Coles, deGroms, Ryans, etc of the world. Otherwise, I think we are a long shot at best to win 1 round let alone 3.  In addition, he's an FA at the end of the year so he does nothing to help us solve this problem next year. If we are going to make a trade I would prefer that we don't try to address the gaping hole with a small bandaid, because despite our rich org prospect depth and talent, we don't have the pitching to project to have a talent edge on our competitors next year or beyond. I guess the same thing that applies to Giolito applies to Flahrety and Montgomery from STL IMO. They are not really tangibly better than what we have. I don't want any of those guys as my game 1/7 starter.  With the reserve/over abundance of org talent that we currently posses, I would prefer to fish for the cream of the crop as opposed to closer to the bottom of the barrel. IMO there's no reason to go cheap now in terms of what we are willing to give up to get the true difference making piece for the next few years. 
    • The reds are probably ready to compete next season so i doubt they will want to move a cost controlled top level back end bullpen guy.  The one thing they would want even if he was available would most likely be pitching prospects as they are built like us with young depth in position players.
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