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Dempster should have tossed, absolutely no question about it. This should br reviewed by MLB and Dempster needs a hefty spine and suspension.

Only the Red Sux could make me feel anything but scorn for A-Roid and the Stanks. Yet another reason to despise Boston. Also revolting was the fan response to Dempster's antics.

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It takes a lot for me to agree wholeheartedly with John Sterling. That was a lot.

John and Suzyn are now on a rant about how all things Boston suck. This is getting entertaining

John and Suzyn are actually a pretty good team! Both know their baseball and not afraid to give some credit to our Orioles.

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John and Suzyn are actually a pretty good team! Both know their baseball and not afraid to give some credit to our Orioles.

I agree actually. My default stance is just to be disagreeable with anything associated with the MFY. You and I seem to like them more than the rest of the NY media does! I was curious about Suzyn and came across some serious hate on the inter webs.

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    • “Throw strikes and trust your stuff”!  
    • And now back to Heston Kjerstad discussion… 15% K% is the big factor for him. .324 Babip isn’t wonky.   Anyone have breaking ball data on him?  How has he done against top prospects or guys on rehab?
    • Irrelevant, obviously, no.  But if the O's make the playoffs, I'm not writing them off because their rotation on paper is worse than the team they are playing.   Do I think the O's need more talent in the rotation?  Yes.  Do I think it's a prerequisite for them to have a chance this year if they make the playoffs?  No
    • There's probably enough excess depth to pull off at least two of those moves. That might be enough to bring home at least one trophy, in a scenario where they just refuse to increase payroll from here. Can't hope for better in that case.
    • I never said that Urias can bring back a starting pitcher on his own. Not sure why you ask that question leading off your post. If you're simply stating that Urias only makes sense to trade if he brings back a starting pitcher, I totally disagree with that. And yes, I do know that Urias doesn't have enough value to bring back a starting pitcher. But I have no idea why you'd lead off a response with that kind of question, though. It's not applicable to what I said. I also disagree that Urias would need to be part of a package. He may be part of a package, but he can be traded on his own as well.  I simply said the Orioles need to trade Urias. I have full faith that Elias would get decent value for him. And it doesn't necessarily need to be pitching, although there's a good chance Elias would try to land pitching in return. And there's added value in opening up playing time for Ortiz and Westburg that a Urias trade would make possible as well. To answer your other question, I'd trade Norby, Prieto, Hall, and Stowers. But I'd trade Urias, Mateo, and Santander first. I'd trade Mountcastle too, but he might have the least perceived value to other teams of any of those guys.
    • Are you actually making the point (I don't think you are) that starting pitching is irrelevant in the post season? Or that we should be okay with the worse rotation (by a good amount) entering into the AL postseason because "how much does it actually matter"?
    • How much does it actually matter?  In the playoffs, how often does the team with the best rotation on paper actually win the series?    
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