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Torii Hunter - Hall of Famer ??


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I think Torii Hunter may be an interesting HOF candidate. Something I quite frankly never thought he had a shot at a few years ago. I've been quite surprised from his productivity/longevity in transforming himself from a power guy to more of an all fields BA/OBP guy. Assuming he can play a couple more years and be reasonably productive we're probably looking at 2500-2600 hits and 350 HR's.

Hunter's WAR isn't overly impressive (currently about a 50 rWAR). His defensive reputation as an elite defender (9 straight gold gloves and countless replays on ESPN highlight reels) doesn't quite match what the metrics think about him (slightly above average overall by DRS). fWAR/UZR (42 WAR) thinks quite a bit less of him (basically an average defender).

Gonna be interesting to see how the voters look at it. I've always had the impression that Hunter is one of those guys that is generally well liked by the media.

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