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Rob Cordemans


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A few of you may remember Rob Cordemans from the Dutch team that beat the DR and had a little run in a previous World Baseball Classic. For some reason I was goofing around on bb-ref and stumbled upon his page.

He's pitched for years in the Dutch Major League. Which if I had to guess was the rough equivalent of a 2nd-tier indy league in the US. Nobody on a current roster has ever appeared in the US Majors.

Anyway, the point of this is that Cordemans is in his 6th consecutive season with an ERA under 1.00. Read that a few times and digest it.

I don't care how crappy a league you play in, it's pretty darned amazing to have six straight years with an ERA under 1.00. His career ERA in 536 innings is 0.96. He's 49-10. The last three years he's allowed 10 earned runs in 33 starts, going 26-3.

I'm almost willing to push the I Believe button and say Rob Cordemans probably could have had some kind of US Major League career. Maybe only in the journeyman mold, maybe as a reliever. Maybe the kind of guy the 2008 Orioles would have called up in desperation. But on some level his performance in Holland is amazing.

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I didn't know there was a Dutch major league. Are there other European countries who have pro baseball?

Yes, notably Italy. Also Germany. I think those three countries have pro or semi-pro leagues that could plausibly be described as being on the level of a US indy league. I'm sure there are other countries in Europe with lower level leagues that probably resemble a US adult league of the type Tony has played in more than anything else.

The Italian League has maybe a half dozen players who've played in the majors, including Darwin Cubillan. He pitched 10 innings for the Orioles in 2004, and now at the age of 40 he's got a 30:1 K:BB ratio for San Marino in 16 innings. I believe at some time in the past the Orioles were somehow affiliated with the team in Grosseto.

I knew a guy from Germany who was working for the Navy on a project here at Pax about ten years ago. He'd previously been an exchange student in the US and got introduced to baseball. He went back to Germany, started a team called the Baldham Boars, and helped grow it to the point that it was eventually promoted to the upper levels of the Baseball Bundesliga.

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