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And we thought only Earl got tossed before the game actually started

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    • I think McKenna could be in trouble after Vavra if Hicks is still playing well. Basically when both Mullin and Cowser are ready, someone else has to go. it will be interesting to see who goes because McKenna has hit lefties well. Right now Vavra is dead weight.
    • What would you give for another Felix Bautista? Alexis Diaz might be the highest value pitcher, period, if CIN markets him.     It wasn't long after Edwin Diaz blew out his knee in the WBC that storytellers were like, "wouldn't it be great for the Mets to get Alexis to replace Edwin"? Alexis D. like Andrew Miller is one of the game's best RP, and like Edwin D. has many years left, so CIN could get a ton if they felt their roster doesn't yet need a Relief Ace. Brothers poetry aside, BAL has a stronger farm than NYM...its just a question of if Elias could stomach the risk of exchanging 3000-6000 PA for 300 IP (if the pitcher doesn't get hurt...) and win the bid.   Pre-arb Alexis Diaz costs talent, not money. If MLB has another Felix Bautista this summer, its Alexis Diaz.   Like Adley and Felix, he entered 2023 with five years of Club control remaining, so his cheap years align with the Orioles group.     Of course any Arm can detonate any pitch, and it is probably more likely the harder you throw, the greater chance of that happening sometime.
    • I think this is only a problem if you view the number if games played on a macro level to to be a problem.  In theory you could pitch someone like 105 games a year and have them never be throwing back to back.  I think Hyde is fairly judicious about rarely sending his players out back to back nights - Cano has had 1 or more day of rest 76٪ of the time. Are the total number of appearances more important than the usage patterns?  Also do relievers need occasional multi-day rest stints to combat fatigue over the course of the season?
    • Its actually a little worse than that.  Cano has thrown 31 innings in the 46 games he's been with the major league team.   At that pace, he'll throw about 100 major league innings, plus the 3 innings he threw in Norfolk this year, for a total of 103. It's interesting to compare this to Akin last year.   He threw 53.1 innings in the first 85 games last year, on pace for 101 innings at a 2.36 ERA.   But he faltered in the second half, arguably from being overused in the first half, and finished at 81.2 innings.   Hyde had to back way off him and he wasn't nearly as effective after the all star break (4.76 ERA).   So, I am worried that Cano may have a similar experience, though he is being used in a different way than Akin was viz. IP per appearance. 
    • Depends what SP.  I could argue that he could acquire something like an expiring contract of Giolito or Flahrety.  If you're trying to get Burnes or even Bieber, yea then not enough.  You have to match up right too for an in season move.I
    • Kjerstad promotion has already been reported. 
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