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The Cleveland Series


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According to Jim Hunter, it's to give every other pitcher an extra days rest. Considering many members of the rotation just had their worst starts in months (Gonzo, Chen and Tillman), I think it's a fairly appropriate move.

I think Buck has a lot of faith in Britton.

Gonzoi has like a 2.80 ERA with five days rest and around a 5.00 on four days rest. I am not sure the way he is pitching right now it matters but maybe it helps.

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Ok found the stat,

n his major league career, Gonzalez has a 2.72 ERA with five days rest between starts, while he has a 4.66 ERA on the regular four days of rest. With the rotation adjustment, right-hander Chris Tillman would be in line to start Monday?s series opener against the Yankees at Camden Yards.


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