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How about an all-MLB team?


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Posting about Chris Hoiles' career 0 All-Star games when he was almost certainly deserving of one got me thinking about the limited utility of career AS appearances as a way of evaluating players historically.

And the AS game has a lot of weaknesses in this respect: fans' votes are often for sentimental reasons (Cal's last game), managers' picks are sometimes questionable (hello, Cito), every team must have a representative, and the game is played when only about half the season is in the books.

I don't want to change the AS game itself; I think a lot of those rules that make historical numbers tricky are good ones for purposes of the game itself. And loath as I would usually be to suggest borrowing ideas from basketball, I think the NBA does this well: there's an All-Star exhibition game; then, at the end of the season, they select the all-NBA players, 1st team and 2nd team.

Why not do that in baseball as well? Reward the players who were the best at each position. Probably should have either an all-AL and all-NL, maybe 1 team per league, maybe 2. Or could just have 1st team all-MLB and 2nd team all-MLB.

I guess baseball isn't in especially dire need of another set of offseason awards, but people do use # of AS appearances when talking about HoF candidacies etc.


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    • Depends on the ask. Two years isn’t that many. I’m guessing any return would start with DL Hall, one of our prized infielders not named Gunnar, and maybe two other pieces. 
    • Yea, teams that are you know, actively trying to win, can't churn the roster like the O's could. I don't expect the Yankees to score a bunch of these guys. And even the Yankees got Nestor (3.9 rWAR this season, which would be second on the O's)
    • What I want for Judge is for him to sign with a non AL East team.  I believe he has at least 5 more good/great years left.  I would rather he has those years with say the Mets.  I can't imagine the angst that Yankee fans would have if Judge is across town hitting 50+ HR.  The Yankees are not near as good w/o Judge and there's no clear replacement in free agency. 
    • That's the worst to me too.  The O's had a big lead in the season series, and I thought, well at least the O's are better than the Sox (record wise if not talent wise).  This collapse against the Sox has been frustrating and humbling. 
    • I know, there are a lot of forgettable pitchers too. But I would bet that we have gotten more out of waiver claims than just about any team in MLB the last 4 years, and I bet it isnt' close.
    • I think Elias made the right choice.  He had to know the O's had a 10% or less chance of making the playoffs.  Do you mortgage the future for that small chance?  Maybe in 2023, when the O's are real contenders, you do send away major talent in a trade.  Even if the O's kept Lopez and Mancini and made a minor addition, I still think they are coming up short.  The O's just have too big a talent gap between them and teams like Toronto, Tampa Bay and even Seattle.  Think about how much talent Dan traded away in 2012-2016.  The O's don't need to repeat the mistakes of the past.  I think Elias is going to concentrate on collecting talent more than trading it away.  I'm sure there will be trades in the future, but it will be for difference making talent at the right time. 
    • Not a particular game, but basically the first month and a half when Adley could have been called up sooner and possibly swung a couple of those. He'll end up getting that extra year of service time anyways for his ROY finish, so that production was just lost.
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