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Oh No Oh No Oh No (Machado injured)


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I didn't like Buck saying Manny will play again for the Baltimore orioles at a high level. Doesn't sound very optimistic.

Can Buck catch a break? He was pretty clear that he didn't want to speculate on the injury until all the tests were completed. Everyone wants an answer YESTERDAY on this, but we're going to have to wait.

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If I remember correctly, Manny dislocated his patella when he was in the minors. Didn't see this injury, but it can look pretty severe when it happens but is fairly easy to treat (I'm an ER doc and have replaced several). Typically a lot more painful than your acl/pcl tears, which tend to be more a stability issue than horrifyingly painful.

Edit: not saying that's what this is, it's just an optimistic possibility.

I can vouch for the pain behind a fractured patella. Took me out of my no pain macho phase.

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Nice sentiment from a Yankees fan on the MLB thread...

"I would like to second your sentiments about Manny.

my heart DROPPED when I saw this article, then sunk even further when saw him in the cart.....

You are right, he has greatness written ALL OVER HIM....

I said at the beginning of this year and I still stand by it; if you gave the option to have any of these new young dynamic players (Trout, Harper, etc) I would take MANNY over and over again.....

Please let him be OK......he is good for the game and for the great franchise of the O's."

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My heart is full of grief right now. I honestly don't know what to say. After all these agonizing losses late in the season and now our beacon of hope, Manny Machado, looking like he is down with a serious injury!

TO THE ORIOLE FAITHFUL: I am feeling some pain tonight and trying to fight off depression! (I can't help it but my psychological well being is strangely connected to this team). Go ahead, call me crazy but if we ever win a world series in my remaining lifetime I will party like V-E day in 1945.

But honestly, this game is not over yet and I still have not given up on the season. But then again I was cheering our boys on in game 5 of the 1969 World Series so what is my optimism worth.

This is about where I am. I can handle losing for 14 years no problem. I can handle the team imploding down the stretch. But to see the future of this organization, by all accounts a great kid who has played his heart out for us, collapse on live TV--just devastating. Bundy is just as potentially devastating for the organization, but to see it happen live...Total loss for word

Thanks Manny for a great season, and get well soon!!!

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Fatigue probably doesn't help, but catching a cleat on the bag really has more of an impact.

Mostly that. Funny Ripken never blew his knee out. He played a game or two. He wasn't a third baseman though...oh wait. Looking for a way to blame this on Buck is absurd.

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