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Bud Selig Announces Retirement


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The retirement will take effect in January 2015.

He has been talking about this, at least since earlier this year.

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Jon Heyman

Baseball Insider

Commissioner Selig insists he's retiring after next season

April 26, 2013 3:13 pm ET

Commissioner Bud Selig on retiring in 21 months: 'You can believe it.' (USATSI)

Baseball commissioner Bud Selig seemingly has planned to step down, retire or vacate his job almost since he took office back in 1992. But this time, he is much more emphatic about his retirement pronouncements, even to the point of believability.

“You can believe it,'' Selig said, pretty convincingly, by phone.

There are several reasons his public proclamations are more believable this time, but one previously unknown nugget that's come to light adds to its credence. According to two ownership sources, Selig was actually offered a five-year extension when he signed the two-year deal a year ago, and without hesitation he took the two instead. When the term expires, he'll be 80, and word is he figured that was a nice round number.

Selig wouldn't comment about the decision to take the much shorter deal. But he was firm on the phone about the next one, the call to retire in 21 months.

“I really am,'' he said. “I know the owners are having a tough time with it … (But) I am serious.''

It's no shock not everyone believes him considering how many times he's changed his mind in the past. Despite his stronger statements, some baseball owners are still said to wonder whether Selig will really leave the job when his term expires Jan. 15, 2015 (it's actually two weeks later than has been reported), and at this point that skepticism understandable.

source - Jon Heyman
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another source besides Heyman.

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Just in case anyone had any doubts he would change his mind, Commissioner Bud Selig is officially announcing retirement ater 2014 season

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