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Facial hair


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Luckily my department doesn't have a tattoo policy. A lot of people think there is one because of the strict grooming policy but there is nothing official. I'm not even what I consider heavily tattooed but I do have a full sleeve and one leg is solid from knee to ankle. I'm sure I'd catch grief if I showed up with my hands or neck tattooed. I do hold off on that even though I want them, but it irritates me because it boils down to someone else's bigotry.

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A person's appearance says a lot about them as an individual. It sends a message to others. Whether it is right or wrong, fair or unfair, a person just has to be aware of the fact that others base perception on appearance. And with certain positions in society certain appearances are not considered acceptable as the norm.

Its why people say "dress for success."

You dress like a bum, people look at you like a bum.

You dress like a thug, people look at you like a thug.

You wear a suit as a professional, that doesnt fit well, is wrinkled, and you didnt comb your hair, people get an impression.

You get all tatted up, people still look at you like trailer trash. Maybe not as many do, but its still the perception.

You have a scraggly beard instead of a neatly trimmed beard or no beard, it sends a message.

Presentation is a fact of life. How one presents oneself is up to that individual, And to say that the other people who get the perception based on how one presents himself is the problem is narrow minded, immature, and ignoring reality. Its just the facts of life.

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I think all stupid, narrow, minded, authoritarian, conformists, who are opposed to any kind of diversity because it makes them anxious, should be rounded up and sent to Guantanamo, but hey that's just me. I also think the SUX' beards are scuzzy and tasteless but if they want to wear them so be it, de gustibus non est disputandum :smile11:

so taste is not to be disputed. Unless one's taste differs from yours then they deserve to be rounded up?? That's just you though. Oh OK.

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I'm glad the Orioles have a rule on facial hair. I really don't like the look. Most of the Red Sox look like they are heading to a Civil war reenactment.

<iframe src="//www.youtube.com/embed/YD36ZhpHPpE" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" width="420"></iframe>

These are men. If they want facial hair fine. If they don't then let them shave.

They are going to the playoffs maybe a World Series and all you can think about is

their facial hair? I have seen this silly thing before. Why worry about it? It should

be up to each individual.

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Uh...the Orioles' rule is gone...and it still makes me sad every time I see one of our players with a goatee.

It makes me sad for anyone to worry about other people's choice of facial hair.

There are other things to worry about this offseason. The team needs a TOR. If

the team can find one and he has the face of Yogi Bear then so be it.

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So if your doctor or the President of the US looked like this, you'd have no problem?

Personally, no, I wouldn't have any problem at all. I'll go a step further and say that I WISH the O's could have big bushy beards like that. There's nothing more boring than when an interesting personality (Giambi, Damon, etc) signs with the Yankees and they start looking like a straight laced stock broker or something.

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So the image of the company should have nothing to do with facial hair, tattoos, clothing?

You hire somebody because of the work they can do. I retired last year. There are

those that have tattoos and yes some were women and men with long hair and

facial hair. ThAt was a state job. They cared about production from the workers

not how they looked. Just wanted them to be clean. When you start to worry how

people look instead of their production for the company then that company may

not be successful.

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Not if had a great resume. Einstein was pretty funny looking too. So was Lincoln, and Stephen Hawkings looks really weird.

Dude! Stephen Hawking can't control how he looks. He was relatively normal looking (if you know, dweeby ((said the dweeb))) when he was young and healthy. He looks weird because the ALS has messed with muscles in his face. Have a heart! :D

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