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Roch: Feldman Could Return But Hammel & McLouth Probably Won't


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    • I can see it for position players but not pitchers.  To be fair, rWAR has some issues to for pitching, sometimes it overcompensates for bad defense. Best example is Aaron Nola's absurd 9.7 rWAR in 2018 because of the Phillies' horrible defense. Probably seeing that a little with Crochet's rWAR too.
    • They may not, who knows? But if they wouldn't take Holliday or Basallo for Skubal, then they are the fools. They are not competing this year with Skubal being Cy Young candidate amazing and they only have him for two years after this (if he manages to stay healthy). What's more likely over that 2 year time period when you look at the dearth of hitting talent in their org - Them competing for an AL pennant with Skubal? Skubal getting hurt and his value plummeting? (This may be their best chance to stockpile an additional uber talented prospect. Remember tanking is no longer a strategy that can be deployed.) Or them receiving Holliday or Basallo in a trade and pairing them with Max Clarke, Jace Jung, Kevin McGonigle, and (potentially) Bryce Rainer to give them their strongest projectable offense/team in the future?
    • I just accepted that commercialism is part of American sports industry.  However it doesn’t mean I have to like it .  I developed a habit of focusing on the actions taking place on the field , the court , the track , the rink , the ring , etc , etc . It doesn’t take away my enjoyment . Just my opinion and feedback .  
    • I will always go high ceiling when it comes to prospects that match up. Honeycutt has a chance to be a number one overall prospect with the right coaching and swing changes. He is first in HR, second in runs, 4th in SB for UNC all time leaderboard. 
    • That doesn’t seem like it tracks. UZR likes Mateo a lot better (4th in UZR/150 among 2B with at least 200 innings played). FWIW, UZR pegs Westburg about the same as OAA at 2B though, and his 3B metrics are aligned as well (both top 5). I think Westburg would improve at 2B if he plays more consistently there, but it’s pretty clear he’s better at 3B right now. 
    • Westburg has been much better at 3B than at 2B this season. Even if you don't like to use the advanced metrics, look at his fielder percentage, errors compared to number of chances, his DWAR, etc.  Nothing suggest that he has been good defensively at 2B this season. I don't know if Holliday will ever be elite there defensively. But there is a very good chance that he won't be as bad as Westburg has been playing 2B this year.
    • I'm pretty in honestly. I don't think Detroit would go for it though.
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