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New rule for the Braves next year


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With the series lost to the Dogders, the Braves are 1-9 in playoff series since having lost the World Series in 1999. :eektf:

Given their dismal playoff record, I propose a new rule for the Braves starting next year: :P

Should the Braves win the NL East, the Braves should be forced to play the second place finisher in the NL East, regardless of their record, in a 1 game playoff. Whoever wins will be considered the division winner. If the 2nd place finisher in the NL East would have been the WC team, they will get to play their WC game if they lose to the Braves. If the 2nd place finisher was a WC team and they beat the Braves, the WC would get handed to the next best team in the NL. The Braves season would end if they lose their 1 game playoff

I would maintain this rule as long as the Braves do not win a series in the post season, not counting the special 1 game NL East playoff. :smile11:

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