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We like Peralta for LF


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So in his entire ML career, he has played 3 games in the outfield (all last year). As an infielder he has a history of being a bit above replacement level.

Interesting choice. Obviously the career .268/.330/.425 is kinda nice I guess.

Seems like we could do better but they might not be willing to spend for better.

The whole tweet doesn't make sense unless the Yankees are planning to DH Jeter.
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Seems like a good move to keep some flexibility. He could play LF if Hardy is not traded, 3B if Hardy is traded. He would also provide some flexibility during the season if used as an everyday utility guy by moving around giving guys days off or have a good backup in case Hardy or Machado are hurt.

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Peralta is a decent infielder. I think he could be a 3B for sure. But a LF? They'd be moving him from one of the hardest positions on the defensive spectrum to one of the easiest. That would kill his value.

Then again, here are the free agent LF options (and why we won't get them):

Choo (definitely too pricy, draft pick)

Granderson (probably too pricy, draft pick)

Beltran (probably too pricy, draft pick)

Cruz (probably too pricy, draft pick)

Peralta (probably wants to play SS/3B)

McLouth (could happen!)

Hart (may not be able to play OF with multiple knee surgeries)

Davis (really bad vs. RHP, but a good platoon player)

Ibanez (bad defender, super old, is Voldemort)

Kubel (bad defender, bad last year)

Morse (bad defender, bad last year)

Boesche (bad...player)

Dickerson (been there, done that)

Colvin (Corey Patterson flashbacks...without steals)

Pierre (ok I'll stop now)

On the trade market, there is Seth Smith, who may be non-tendered by the A's. He's been a DH for a while now but has ok defensive numbers in LF. Shockingly, he's probably the second best option to Mclouth right now. We have limited trade chips, and I doubt we'll cash them in on a LF.

I think we can still salvage LF without going deep into the trade market if we get one of Mclouth or Seth Smith and platoon them with Rajai Davis or Steve Pearce. Otherwise, it's going to be Urrutia and Pearce.

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