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Bloomberg says Camden Yards was a stupid idea


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I have become convinced over time that public stadium deals are a way for rich people to get a handout and for mayors/city councils to measure their *****.

But Camden Yards seems a pretty bad example - the city/state got a very good deal (at least relative to other stadiums) and it's worked out OK for the area. Like Verizon Center in DC.

I believe Verizon Center was privately financed.

I remember when I was an intern in college working for the state of Maryland and my boss said he got in trouble for not spending his entire yearly budget. They called it wasting money. I told him he should have bought me a Porsche 911 to drive around in instead of the stupid little Chevys they had. Didn't work but maybe sports team owners are better at persuasion.

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This is true. Camden Yards had very little to do with revitalizing the Inner Harbor. Harborplace, the Aquariam and several other attractions revitalized the Inner Harbor several years before a baseball park at Camden Yards was even thought of.

Camden Yards projects were proposed as far back as the 1960s. The first attempt was retractable domed stadium in 1967. Then a dome stadium in 1974. Proposals. Camden Station area was always gonna be the location of a new stadium dating back to the 1960s but each time financing became an issue. Assembly nixed it. By 1980s it was a priority to make Baltimore viable again.

Harborplace and Aquariam are day things. You come for a few hours then you leave. It doesn't keep people coming every day or more then 5 or 6 times a year. Camden Yards did that. Which has allowed the Harborplace and the Aquariam to still be viable. As you got people going to a game and going to the Harborplace to eat or grab a drink. Then you have families that can come down for the whole day.. going to the Aquariam and then catching a game. Without Camden Yards, you are losing more revenue.

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    • It will be interesting to see how many GM's on the playoff fringe pull a '22 Elias and sell. It isn't hard to challenge for sixth best in a 15-team league.    We're about to play the Giants who seem like they are having a second mediocre year after the magical one, but they and the Marlins are IN with a .519 winning percentage. At 23-30, Stroman and Dansby and Trey's Cubs are just 4.5 games behind the Giants, though granted with half the league between them and 6th. Giolito-Eduardo-Stroman-Bieber I have heard batched as a "Big Four" but one or two of their teams could have a real run.    I expect Elias to do something, but I would be surprised if he paid any pre-deadline higher asks.
    • It’s one thing to trade Hernaiz for Irvin who is a fringe MLB starter. But from that suggested list, do you believe that kind of package can land a Stroman? Those are accessory pieces at best. How could that add in value for a Major League, potentially impact starter who has a year and a half left on his contract? Do you believe the Cubs will have no other suitors for Stroman? 
    • Well started to get more Ks and miss more bats starting around July last year iirc. Ironically, he had some starts where he did better in those areas but was giving up more runs. Over the long haul though, missing more bats and getting more Ks is huge for him and if that can last while keeping his control, he’s going to be good…assuming he can stay healthy.  He is going to be a guy that you worry about for a while in that regards.
    • The Wall won't help him out when the splits say to bat a left handed batter against Tyler's right arm.
    • Was at the game yesterday.  Really disappointed with how our infield defense played.   2 errors were officially given out but we had more misplays than that. Of course if you score 0 it doesn't ultimately matter.   But still...........
    • K/9 up to 8.7. That was his weakness last year. If he can miss bats at that rate he is going to be very successful. Zero walks yesterday. I just love watching guys like that pitch. Unfortunately most of the playoff contenders are big HR hitters. Not sure his approach will work well vs Yankees and Jays. Definitely give Tyler one of the home starts and hope the wall helps him out.
    • He's one of those guys that need to be included when there is a discussion on Orioles with the most pure power.  Not sure of the majors but I remember some 500 ft plus bombs in the minors. https://sabr.org/bioproj/person/mike-young/
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