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How is Roberts Not Your Leadoff Hitter?


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It just seems plain to me that Brian Roberts will start at 2B and bat leadoff.

Flaherty is perfect as super utility and can probably play everywhere except centerfield and catcher. He gives Buck some valued roster flexibility.

Schoop is not ready and no one else is much of a consideration in my mind.

Leadoff candidates would be McLouth (if we resign him), Reimold (if he's healthy), Markakis, someone outside the organization, and that's all I can think of.

The situation screams for Roberts to be signed and given a chance to lose the job.

I don't think he would be particularly good to have there, but I just don't see a viable alternative.

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Please no. It's time to move on from Brian Roberts. We have been waiting for that contract to run out for years and now you want to bring him back? He can barely play a decent second base anymore.

But decent second base is okay. And we could get him for cheap I bet.

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I just don't see any great alternative. I suppose if you don't value the classic leadoff type (not that Roberts is anymore), it's not that big of a question. You only leadoff once, as they say.


You might only lead off once, but the leadoff hitter gets the most plate appearances on the team. That is part of what was so asinine about Hardy batting second, you don't maximize the at bats of the weakest hitters.

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If Markakis can get his OBP up to his career averages then I would like to see him leading off..that's assuming McLouth isn't resigned. I do not want to see Roberts in any other spot than 9...I don't think it's the worst idea to bring him back for super cheap on a one year deal with the idea that he is keeping 2B warm until Flaherty or Schoop (maybe even Phelps?) are ready to take over. To be honest, that's probably his only shot at a major league job anyways...so I doubt you'd hear him complaining.

Maybe Choo could lead off? Maybe?

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Why would you think that?

Players don't generally get better as they progress through their 30's.

I'd say it's possible. Roberts (1) was shaking off a few years of rust, (2) couldn't train for part of the offseason because of surgery he had, (3) missed time with his knee injury. If he has a full offseason to work out, and stays healthier next year, I could see him posting a .330ish OBP if things go his way. Of course, there's no guarantee that he does that, or that he stays healthy.

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    • I have zero issues with Judge hitting his home run against the Orioles as long as it's in a loss. Walking him a bunch in an attempt to deny him is unsportsmanlike and petty and I can guarantee Hyde would have nothing to with that kind of stuff.
    • Good analysis, but of course in the real world it also depends who your alternatives are in COF or as DH.  Santander’s WAR couid go down but the team WAR could go up if you have a better defensive alternative who saves more on defense than you’d lose on offense by playing some other guy at DH. Just to look at this in a concrete way, are you better off with Santander in RF and Mancini at DH, or McKenna in RF and Santander at DH?  The fact that Santander individually loses some WAR by moving to DH is irrelevant.   
    • In his career, Judge has homered against us 35 times in 84 games (79 starts).   That’s more than .4 homers per game.   So yes, I’d say the odds favor him hitting one against us this weekend. I just want to beat the Yankees.   Anything that happens in an Orioles win is okay with me.   
    • Let the man hit.  Judge is a decent guy and the major league record is 73.  I don't consider Bonds' record a "real" record because of all the steroids he was on, but it's still the record.  Not sure what the insane level of hate for Judge is about.  I have no problem hating Yankees who are d-bags, but hate of random Yankee and hate of players like Roberts who went to the Yankees because no one else wanted him are over the edge. I think what I really hate are Yankee fans.
    • Is it really a big problem?    Walking guys is only rarely a good strategy.  
    • Some of this year’s struggles with LHP strike me as one of those fluky things that happen in baseball.   Here are some 2021/2022 numbers vs. LHP: Mountcastle .842/.713 Hays .897/.701 Mullins .788/.573 Now Mullins, in his switch hitting days, was weak vs. LHP.   When he switched to hitting from the left side exclusively, he hit them much better last year, but my impression is he did most of his damage in the first half of the season.  So, it may be that LHP have figured out how to attack him and his 2022 numbers are more predictive of the future than 2021.    Mountcastle and Hays, on the other hand, are capable of doing much better than they did this year vs. LHP. Rutschman has a .568 OPS vs. LHP and I feel that’s fluky as well.   He had good splits against LHP in the minors and in college.  My guess is he’ll work on his RH stroke in the offseason and do much better next year.  (Honestly, he doesn’t have much else to work on.) The way OPACY is set up now, it favors LHB and thus LHP figure to do well there.   We’re still facing RHP 70% of the time, so I don’t think we want to load up on RHB and put us at a disadvantage in our own ballpark just to address a problem that exists 30% of the time and may be a one-year anomaly.       
    • Oh he’s going to hit it against us. I just hope it’s off a pitcher that isn’t with us for the long term. Like Lyles, or one of our up/down relievers.    But I want to see our pitchers go at him. We’re about building respect in our franchise back, and building confidence for next year.    Hyde is class, and it’s time we got back to that completely. 
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