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Yankee Brian Roberts. (Update: Signs for $2M+)


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<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p>Sources: <a href="https://twitter.com/search?q=%23Yankees&src=hash">#Yankees</a> likely to sign free-agent 2B Brian Roberts.</p>— Ken Rosenthal (@Ken_Rosenthal) <a href="

">December 17, 2013</a></blockquote>

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Watch dude is gonna be a beast now.

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That is just awful. Like Koji with the Red Sox but a million times worse. I don't want to see him in that uniform. Maybe he'll just get hurt in ST in miss the whole year and we can pretend it never happened?

Meh, I'd disagree. Koji was still a viable player. Brian's just about done.

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Also, anybody who holds this against Roberts should think before they open their mouth. The Yankees are the only team out there willing to offer him a starting job. Not the Orioles of course, we need to save our marbles for big offseason acquisitions like Grant Balfour.

Only team? Really? Sure about that?

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Only team? Really? Sure about that?

I'm speculating but I would be highly surprised if Roberts turned down a better offer from somewhere else, in money, playing time, or playoff aspirations. The Yankees are certainly his #1 option to start on a playoff contending team. Who else is even in the market for a 2B? Ellis just signed to be a potentially part-time player with Wong in STL. Roberts has a better situation than that with NYY, with Johnson his only competition and he's likely to be playing alot of 3B.

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I am not sure what the Yankees are going for here?

Oldest opening day infield?

Most overpaid opening day infield?

Most days on DL?

I hate DD's strategy of sitting on his hands while everyone gets signed, but if the Yankees give him $6 or $7 million they deserve what is coming.

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    • That's pretty cool.  I'm sure you remember the game against the Senators when he hit grand slams in back to back innings in 1970. 
    • Yeah I think it is more of just the time of year, and just having him focus on what he needs to focus on. They probably learned a lesson from Cowser that there is little need for him to focus attention to defense when they just need his bat.
    • Means' 3.1 K/9 isn't going to be sustained anymore than his .135 BABIP is. 
    • I think that's right, except I'm not convinced that Kjerstad (I keep wanting to add a "t" at the end of his name) will be better than Santander next year, at least in home games. I think Santander is pretty good in a small RF like Camden Yards, and I haven't seen Kjerstad's arm enough to think he'll throw as well or better than Tony. 
    • Speaking of late games, I remember that Frank Robinson hit his 500th homer in a game that was too late for the box score to be in the paper.  So, at the end of the week, I rode my bike 6-7 miles round trip to the local drug store to buy The Sporting News so I could have that box score.  
    • How about some love for Baseball Weekly from the early 90's?
    • So in the above 8 pages, I think we have established that it is harder, but possible, to succeed with a below average K rate. I think we can also agree that Means has a track record of success as an above average (but not elite) pitcher (3.75 ERA, 122 ERA+) with below average K rate (7.6). Not to belabor this further, but the real question to ask (which I think Sports Guy may be getting at) is whether Means' current 3.1 K/9 is concerning. The more important comparison is not to league average, but to Means' own career norms. Especially because he is coming off TJ, a big change in K/9 could indicate a major dropoff or change in stuff.  My feeling with his second start was that he looked pretty bad despite allowing few runs. Last night from what I saw the eye test matched the results. I doubt he will succeed if he continues with 3.1 K/9, but I think if he pitches the way he did last night he will get more K's. Overall, very comfortable with him as a playoff starter and a middle rotation guy heading into next year, but have to be concerned in view of his TJ.
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