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Orioles turning attention to Fernando Rodney


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1) How does he pass the physical with all his previous injuries?

2) He blew about as many save as Jim Johnson.

Doesn't look like a upgrade.

I think I would rather have Rodney than anyone else at this point. Granted he had a wildly unpredictable year last year, but the year before he had an impossibly successful one. Somewhere in between is likely, and when he is on, he is devastating with the fastball-changeup combo. If he could help our staff develop their changeups, I would think that would be reason enough for DD to want him.

EDIT: Not for 10 million, though. Never.

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    • New park rule, to hit a home run you have to hit the warehouse. Anything less is a ground rule double.
    • Batting average is just another stat. It has predictive value. It is well correlated with OBP. I have a hard time understanding the general herd-mind snobbery that comes out whenever anyone mentions Batting Average.
    • Not enough PAs to qualify. Players need 3.1 PAs per game (501 PAs in 162 games). Trey only had 401 PAs with the O’s this year.
    • Yeah, I value on base percentage a lot more than batting average. Batting average is neat if you’ve got a guy like Ichiro or Boggs or Gwynn. But OBP is, IMO, the far better metric.    However, if we had a guy making a race for a batting title this board would be all in. Maybe except for you because you’re a curmudgeon and @DrungoHazewoodbecause he’d be telling us all about how Hot Cakes O’Houlihan had it harder in the 1896 Federal League. 
    • They should just paint WALLTIMORE across it in giant letters.    I don’t know what else they could do with it except bring it in maybe 10 feet. Overall, I liked the wall this year. I didn’t see as many doubles and triples as expected but I think it was an overall positive for us.    That said, I think they overdid it by a few feet. I wouldn’t mind if they brought it in 5-10 feet but kept the height the same.    But I took Ruiz’s tweet to mean that they wouldn’t really change the new LF wall and that they were reconsidering other outfield dimensions.  I don’t know what they could do other than move the CF wall back into the sod farm a bit.  I can’t imagine them touching the flag court. 
    • Not enough ABs to qualify.
    • I think you mean Raffy when he was on the Rangers.    I’m hoping maybe the voting has become a bit more sophisticated since then. I’d love to see Mateo win one. 
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