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Passan: Orioles Unwillingness to Spend Hurting Team


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Which is my main complaint about Peter, he has no motivation for fielding a winning team.

He doesn't LOVE the game, he doesn't have a ZEAL for the game.

It's strictly a business with a ledger and a profit margin

I have news for you Rick. Your last two lines could probably be used to describe half the owners in sports.

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Frobby is never over the top. He simply is stating the fact that these teams are much better than we have had for a long time. It's ok to be upset that Peter won't spend enough to make any of us happy. But it is just a fact that the team and front office is much more coherent than any of those teams that proceeded it for 14 years. It's ok not to be happy. But it is no time to throw a fit.

The front office is "more coherent?" Per Peter Schmuck "It's always difficult to figure out just what's going on inside the Orioles front office. The team's business divisions seemed to be humming along nicely when the club fired executive vice president of business operations Doug Duennes without explanation in late July. That led to predictable speculation about increased ownership participation in the day-to-day operation of the franchise, something that ? based on past history ? would not figure to evoke confidence from the fan base."

On 105.7 the Davis and Norris morning show today the hosts asked the following question. The Orioles off season has been? Ken Wineman filling in for Norris said "pathetic," Steve Davis said "disappointing."

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Suppose there were no financial constraints, what would I do? Sign Ellsbury and Tanaka and keep JJ. But if I couldn't do that because it would take the budget to 130 M, I am not sure what my second choices would be. I really wouldn't want to give Garza even 3 years with his elbow and head case questions. Wouldn't care to give Santana the 5 years he is asking for and don't want to give up a pick. Same for Jimenez. So I would be right where the O's are looking at Burnett and Arroyo. As for a bat I would be hesitant to spend 130 M on Choo, but in the end I would. After him, maybe Beltran for 2 years, but at his age for 3? Beyond them I don't see any thing that much more exciting than Peguero, Lough, or Henry. Byrd, the Murphys bros., Hart, Morrison? Whoop de doo.

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"That which is dead cannot eternal lie,

And with strange aeons, even death may die."

Y'know, I did always kinda feel like Angelos had that Innsmouth look...


<iframe width="640" height="360" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/Xkrr0guu9cA?feature=player_detailpage" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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    • Absolutely not! If we are giving up Basallo, it better be for a guy like Miller who has 5 and 1/2 seasons of control left (after deadline) AND is elite at our one area of weakness. He also gives us the best back end for several seasons beyond when paired with Bautista (pending health). Crochet does little for us this year. He does give us maybe a slight improvement over our 2/3 starter in the playoffs. But does he have those many innings in him? People keep talking about the injury risk with Miller but how is Crochet any different? AND he does not solve our biggest weakness in ‘24 (shutdown reliever at the end of games). Yes it is possible that you may be able to slot him there, but he has never done it before.
    • This extra wild card team has messed up the deadline. There are 5 teams that will be sellers. 25 teams within 3.5 games of the playoffs.
    • I don’t get idea that there is no reason to look for a starter and if reports are true, the Os clearly don’t believe it either. Starter is, without question, a need for next year. You have no idea if Bradish will hold up all season. Injuries happen. Will Suarez remain good? The goal should be to get this team as good as possible for October and 2025.  
    • I would look to include Kremer in a deal, which likely would be appealing to the team trading for him.  Cheap, solid starter. Established MLers are almost always involved in bigger trades.
    • Come now…I didn’t say I disagreed with the decision, you know. 
    • Wouldn’t even consider it. Crochet has a great arm but we have zero idea how he will handle the workload he will have this year, which far exceeds anything he has ever done. On top of that, we don’t know how the major increase in innings will effect him in 2025. I wouldn’t feel comfortable trading for him until after 2025.     Great talent though, no doubt.  May be the new Chris Sale.
    • Nope. I see no reason why we need a SP. We have 7 rotation options. Heck, maybe 8 with McDermott. You only really need 3 SP for the playoffs. If we do need a SP for some reason it would literally just be a #4 type to get us through the regular season. The price on that might be a DSL flier or cash. Back end bullpen arm, vet RH bat, middle reliever. 
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