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Roberts most hated ex oriole?


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Just like Mark Reynolds, Joe Saunders, and Scott Feldman this front office might have at one time said publicly "we'd like to have him back" but behind the scenes they had no intention of doing so.

Duquette probably had Brian Robert's penciled in as Plan F, if even that, so BRob did what he had to do to keep playing.

How is it Robert's fault that the Orioles showed no interest in him? Should he have come on his hands and knees begging for a job? Maybe do a little dance outside the warehouse to get everyone's attention?

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I don't know why I am bothering addressing this drivel, but Roberts wasn't a fit for this team. The O's were going with Flaherty. Roberts can only play one position and DH. Unless the O's wanted him as their LH DH and occasional 2B, there was no place on the team for him. They needed a UT and that's what they got in Weeks, De Jesus, and Casilla. I am sure they told Roberts that. Why wouldn't he take the MFY offer rather than wait and see if by the off chance at the end of the off season, the O's would sign him, most likely for less than what NY offered. :rolleyestf:

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You don't jump at the Yankees first offer. Its that simple. He could have waited to see if there were other offers . Its a long season, and somebody would have come calling with injuries and what not. Roberts is putting a spin on this that he had to take the Yankees offer or else. The ten million dollar man isn't desperate for money. It should be about pride at this point in his career.

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I hardly ever post here, though I do read a lot, but this thread title demanded a response. I'm no huge fan of Roberts, and would have been glad to see him go regardless of where he went, but I certainly don't hate him for going to the Yankees.

I only jumped on the O's bandwagon in like 2003 (who could resist at that time?), but I'd put Bedard, Ponson and Steve Kline (off the top of my head) on the list of ex-O's I dislike (hate isn't really in my arsenal) way before Brian. He was an island of competence - almost greatness - during the long and winding road of futility, and no matter how one views his DL/concussion or PED issues, he did a lot to make the bad times slightly less awful.

I wish him great success when playing against our AL east and other rivals, and complete and utter failure when playing us or teams that don't matter.

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