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Hardball Times: GB: A Hitter's Best Friend?


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For another point in favor of hitting fly balls, I refer back to Tango and Lichtman?s analysis in The Book of groundball pitcher vs. flyball hitter matchups. Flyball hitters have a distinct advantage over groundball hitters against groundball pitchers. As more teams focus on stacking staffs with groundball pitchers, the importance of hitting the ball in the air becomes more important.

Oakland is already doing the above (Acquiring fly ball prone hitters).

Lots of info in this article.

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    • Yes,  I just wonder if Elias thinks he can trade him for a guy in A ball or the rookie league?   What Elias thinks about that will be the different between him being of the 40 man roster in early December or not.
    • Well, I guarantee you that there is a long list of players in MLB history that have seen a drop off in defense between those ages. And how are defining a drop off? The difference between elite to very good is big but not always discernible to the eye.  But that drop off is enough to where he just isn’t all that valuable. Elite is where he must be to provide value. 
    • Very good point.   Look at Jim Palmer.   He had a pretty low K/9 rate for his career(5.0), but had such an amazing defense behind him, his WHIP was 1.18.     
    • Well, I don’t think his range, arm or ability to time plays are going to change materially from this year to next.  In other words, I expect the fundamentals of his defense to be about the same.  What I think can change from this year to next year are: 1.  Mistakes.   He could make more, he could make less.    2.  Random fluctuations in how defensive plays get measured.  They try to make these stats as objective as they can, but it seems there are always some borderline plays that can be judged one way or another.   In other words, I think if Mateo made the exact same plays in 2023 as in 2022, his metrics wouldn’t necessarily be exactly the same.   Among other things, I think some of these stats are measured relative to the other players in the league, so if one player’s performance is the same as the year before, whereas the performance of other players at that position is a little up or down, it will affect that player’s OAA, DRS, etc.  Also I think the surrounding players make a difference.  If you have a 3B with great range, maybe the SS gets fewer chances than if the 3B has poor range.   If the 2B is poor at turning the DP, maybe the shortstop’s conversion rate on DP’s goes down through no fault of his own.    So in short, I expect Mateo’s defensive skills and performance to be about the same next year as this year.   That doesn’t mean that the defensive stats will assess him the same way.    
    • There should not be a defensive drop off between ages 27 and 28.   Now he could be hurt.  His offense is the question mark for next year IMO.  Not his defense.
    • Watching the highlights, Lamar clearly had enough time before the rush got there to get the ball to Duv and just missed him.
    • Tyler Nevin should probably also come off the 40-man roster. He finally had his first decent minor league season since 2018, but he is 25 and almost certainly can only play first at the big league level and most importantly, is out of options next season. He is someone that can fill in in a pinch, but there is almost no chance that he breaks the Opening Day roster next season, so he will have to come off the 40-man roster at the end of spring training anyway to be sent down.
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