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A situation ripe for a trade.


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From Rotoworld:

Pirates OF Steven Pearce is likely to begin the season in Triple-A.

Pearce, who hit .294/.342/.397 in 63 at-bats last season, would likely be stuck coming off the bench, and the Pirates would prefer he see regular playing time. "In a perfect world, Steve deserves a chance to win an everyday job at the Major League level, but with Xavier [Nady], with Jason [bay], with Adam [LaRoche], we're not in a position to give that to him," GM Neal Huntington said.

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Steven Pearce is a prime example of a young (24), under the radar and behind the 8-ball kind of player the O's FO should be looking to acquire....and sometimes they do. Last year it was Knott, House and Dubois.....and none of them got a decent shot. It's almost like the FO either doesn't know what to do with these guys once they get them, or are just afraid to take a chance on them.

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What are the Pirates' needs?

First among other things, bullpen arms and lots of them.

The Pirates are flush with outfielders. They won't sell low on Bay and thus far have been unable to convince anyone to buy high on Nady. This leaves Nate McLouth, Nyjer Morgan and Pearce (who's strictly a corner outfielder) for the CF spot.

Picking up Pearce wouldn't be a bad move at all but I see a lot more upside to McLouth.

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Here's an update for wildcard's thread from mlbtraderumors.com

Blocked Prospects: Steve Pearce

During 2007 Pirates prospect Steve Pearce hit a combined .333 with 31 home runs, 40 doubles, 113 RBI, and a .622 slugging percentage. The soon-to-be 25 year-old was named both Offensive Player of the Year by MiLB.com and the Topps Minor League Player of the Year. He ranks #43 on Kevin Goldstein's Top 100 Prospects list for 2008 and received a callup last September. Yet, as of Monday he was reportedly sweating it when the team announced several cuts.

Pearce had played first base since he was drafted, but with the Pirates looking to locking up Adam LaRoche long term the team rerouted him to the outfield. The Pirates flirted with the transition late last year, giving Pearce 10 games in right prior to his call-up. Once in Pittsburgh he started 17 games in right field and only two at first. He hit .294/.342/.397 over 68 plate appearances; his bat appears nearly Major League ready.

Jason Bay and Xavier Nady await, each simmering on the hot stove. It's a poorly guarded secret the Pirates would love to ditch Nady, but a recent chat with the Mets didn't go anywhere. Bay was also the subject of several trade talks during the offseason and would likely come closer to fetching the young pitching prospects GM Neal Huntington craves (his short list is unlikely to include Scott Schoeneweis).

This all puts Huntington in a fairly comfortable position. He can afford to send Pearce back to Indy to get a few more reps at the new position while he waits for the right deal. But with Pearce's bat looking to be big league ready, how long are Pirates fans willing to wait?

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    • I agree that patience would serve us all well to see how things go, given the talent that is still out there. But to say that other fans are “whining” after what this org has put us through over the last 5 years may be a bit harsh. I don’t begrudge any fan for being skeptical given where we were and where we have the potential to be if we make the necessary moves.
    • thing that terrifies me with Syndergaard is his time to the plate. He's notoriously slow and all these new rules to benefit baserunners will put him at more of a disadvantage.   still it seems like the Os are really going all in on a type: average to below average stuff with above average to plus command.  all Noah, Gibson, Voth, Wells, and Kremer fit that bill - and the new Camden obviously benefits these types more than old Camden,  but I do wonder what pitch/ mix refinement the analytics guys see in Noah? maybe they're hopeful in year 2 after TJ he gets a velocity and stuff bump now that he's used to his new elbow
    • This is the kind of stuff that used to come out from the Warehouse in the old days … tell me what “in on” means and I may see it as something other than trying to placate us fans .. 
    • If this is all true and Holt really has the “magic touch” wouldn’t it make more sense to bring him better talent to begin with to get even better results? I mean in spite of our surprise season and all of the improvements of our pitchers we were still a 4th place team. How are we planning to make a legit jump in the standings? Seattle is improved, Texas is improved and probably neither are done. Those are wildcard spots that we will be competing for. I know the off-season is far from done and the Winter meetings are kicking off this week. I’m just wondering why we were in a hurry to bring in a pitcher like Gibson when there are so many better options?
    • Actually, you might not be far off.  Gibson has, historically, been a first half pitcher, 3.95 vs. 5.11 ERA in the 2nd half.   He might just be a bridge to John Means.    It’s doubtful another team will fall for it again but the Phillies did in 2021 so you never know.
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