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Update your offseason grade after the Yoon, Jimenez and Cruz signings


What's your revised grade for this offseason?  

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  1. 1. What's your revised grade for this offseason?

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I've settled on a B. Jimenez was the player I wanted most, but I'm not terribly enthusiastic about how the O's got to the point of signing him. In retrospect, it's been a pretty good winter, and I could understand giving it a higher grade. For me, though, the main reason the O's got Jimenez was that their Plan A, B, C, etc. fell through/went elsewhere. Even if the offseason's results were largely good, it just didn't feel like the O's had much of an acquisition strategy until their backs were against the wall.

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I think it's a solid B. I was tempted to go to B+.

The thing that would push it to an A for me would be for DD to acquire some young depth for our minors by dealing off some of the guys on the 40-man. If somehow we could turn Bud Norris into a Nick Franklin...or something along those lines...I'd be ecstatic.

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Another thing to consider is were these "oh crap we really pissed off the fan base this time" signings or was this the plan from the beginning.

I think that Duquette had deals with Yoon, Jimenez, and Cruz back in December, but he delayed the official signings and their accompanying announcements just because he wanted to see the OH board go to emotional extremes for sport.

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    • They don't have the one and done anymore. I believe it's a 3 game series now.
    • Wondering if Norby is the future 1B and Westburg is traded.
    • Juan Gonzalez won a gold glove one year he was basically a DH.  Seeing how much a media darling Ortiz was, I'm surprised he didn't win one.
    • The entire outfield wall moved back!  I support it just to hear opposing teams' sluggers whine. 
    • Years back I remember when a pitcher (Don't remember his name) was told he'd won a GG.  He responded "Really? I don't even think I'm a good fielder."
    • One way to look at it is that we were three runs away from making the playoffs. We lost opening day 2-1 to Tampa and then we lost to them in extra innings on July 27. If we score two more runs on opening day and one more run in the first nine innings of that extra inning loss, we make the playoffs.
    • I'd be very surprised if they acquire an outfielder unless one of Mullins, Santandar or Hays are traded.  With Stowers and McKenna already in the MLB and Cowser knocking down the door, I think getting an outfielder is very low on the priority list for Elias.   I think next year Stowers will be given a shot at first base, and he will be a 1st/OF player.  I would hope the stupid platoon thing that was done to him this year stops as his splits are fairly even historically.  With Mountcastle and Hays slumping often we need someone with a decent bat who can fill in both positions, and Stowers could fill such a role and get some significant playing time as such.  Vavra is a bit more complicated.  We have a need for a good 2nd baseman, but I'm not sure Vavra is the answer there.  Urias and Mateo look to finish out the ss/3rd positions, and then of course there is Westburg waiting in the wings.  With Odor gone I think Vavra gets more playing time at 2nd and around the infield in general.  But I could also see 2nd base being a place where we bring in another vet, but one better with the bat than Odor.    
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