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Which Closer Has the Better 2014 Season in Saves ?


Which Closer Tallies More Saves in 2014  

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  1. 1. Which Closer Tallies More Saves in 2014

    • Jim Johnson Collects 10+ More Saves than Balfour
    • Jim Johnson Collects 5-9 More Saves than Balfour
    • About the same number of Saves
    • Balfour Collects 5 - 9 More Saves than Johnson
    • Balfour gets DFA'd by August

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Ill play along but this isn't really Orioles related anymore. I think Johnson has more saves and I think he does very well in Oakland. He'll get his payday, just not from the O's.

With the volume of complaining about not signing Balfour that dominates Orioles Talk on OH, I would say it is indeed Orioles-related.

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Slanted poll, why no option for Balfour having 10+ more saves or Johnson being DFA?

I think they both regress this season, and both teams have other guys they can easily slip into that role.

Also, saves are dumb.

Maybe, but if so, why are half of the people on OH complaining that the Orioles do not have an "experienced closer?"

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I think you best make another poll because I don't think it is that high.

(and wanting an experienced closer doesn't make the stat less dumb)

I'm not sure whether you want an experienced closer by your comment or if you think "closer" is overrated.

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