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Spring Home Opener v. Toronto 3-1


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    • It was 6-9 last year as well IIRC.
    • It’s okay.  It’s a “Phil” thing.  Have you ever noticed any poster with the name “Phil” all have something else in common?   🙂
    • I do think we have players who are not very good in RISP for careers. Names that jump to mind are Mullins, Hays, Mountcastle, Santander, Mateo, McCann, Cowser-not much track record. I only feel confident with Gunnar, Adley, Ohearn, Westburg and Kjerstad-small sample size. When any of the good group are struggling we really struggle.
    • Thanks. BTW, I'm not really picking on Fruit who does have some pitches to work from and considering his awful college stats is a nice development just to get to this point.  I'm certainly not rooting against nor do I no one develops, it just the who "Orioles are masters at drafting and development" really holds no weight when it comes to pitching so far. Are they learning from past mistakes and finding better pitchers? Are they now going invest early draft capital more often, maybe even their first pick since it's late 1t round on pitching? Could they decided to take on more risk/reward High School arms early in teh draft? Perhaps. I know that Elias and Sig are smart guys. I think Holt is a good development guys given the right guys (Bradish, Kremer and even Grayson come to mind), but this organization is in need of pitching on a really good major league team and there's not a lot to bring up because they have not been good and drafting and/or developing their minor league pitching.   I'm hopeful like with anyone else, they've learned from their mistakes and will take a more balanced approached in the draft because as I've also shown, they've haven't exactly hit too often after the 1st round with college hitters since 2020 (Can't really judge Norby). 
    • It does seem like we get "up" for divisional rivals and then fall prone to trap series. Still, let's give some credit to the Cubs. Imanaga and Steele are excellent pitchers. If they were starting for us we would expect to win most of the time.
    • All the pitchers we developed but didn’t draft. They did develop. 1. Grayson Rodriguez 2. D.L. Hall (ok, ok) 3. Kyle Bradish 4. Dean Kremer (was fastball/curveball) 5. Felix Bautista 6.  Cade Povich 7.  Chayce McDermott 8.  Maybes (Portes/Chace/DeLeon/)
    • We focus on Mayo and rightfully so but Norby should also be getting at bats over Mateo, Urias and arguably some others.  
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