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I Admit I Have Not Been Active Lately On OH and It is My Fault But.....


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Somehow I missed that Jason Hamill signed a one year deal with the Cubs. I usually read the Baltimore Sun on-line most days and don't recall seeing anything about this. I just went back through 17 pages of OH threads and didn't see anything on it either. I am a bit surprised that the Orioles could afford to lose Hamill, who I believe when healthy would be their best starter other than Tillman. Was anybody here upset over this. I confess, I find it rather unsettling and I am disappointed over losing Jason...

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The O's did have interest, but in an incentive laden deal. As brianod pointed out, it sounds like the O's and according to the article above, the Indians, were scared off by the rising cost of the asking price and the recent injuries. The O's replaced Feldman and Hammel with Jimenez, Yoon, and Yohan Santana. I am good with that.

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I was not sorry to see Marty Feldman go but I think they made a mistake with Jason. He was a tough nosed competitor who was down last year only because of injury. I just see the Achilles heel once again for this team as lack of enough top shelf starting pitching.

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No one has said it yet, so, uh... Ubaldo Jimenez. There.


Suk-min Yoon

Johan Santana

Kevin Gausman

Zach Britton

Steve Johnson

The Orioles would need to have signed him to a Major League deal, and he just wouldn't fit in as the roster is currently constructed. Maybe as mid-season depth, but we have Johan Santana, and possibly Suk-min Yoon for that.

And also, I agree Hammel is a good pitcher when healthy, but health is the question. The Orioles went out to address that by adding a starter in Jimenez who averages close to 200 IP a season. We can't really afford to pay Hammel $6m at the ML level and just hope he's healthy for the whole season. With the depth we have right now, I'd say we're in pretty good shape, much better than if we'd, say, signed Hammel instead of Jimenez.

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I will not be the least bit surprised that if Hammel stays healthy he out pitches every Orioles starter other than maybe Tillman

Not gonna happen my old friend ;)

Hammel's best success came with a knee injury that I believe altered his delivery ...ability to over throw etc...once the knee was repaired Hammel returned to his old mediocre self.

I'll bet ya he's not the 4th best pitcher on this staff.

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Wow. I can't understand how you can't see Jiminez as a massive upgrade over Feldman or Hammel. I was afrad at the beginning of the offseason that Feldman or Hammel resigning would be our "big" acquisition. Jiminez will give the O's 200+ innings if healthy and along with Tillman give us 2 starters that can match up w/ the best of the AL, except for probably Detroit. I like our starting pitching depth too. Chen and Gonzalez probably won't make it thru the season w/o DL/missed starts. Good to have a competitive group competing to replace a starter if he goes down.

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    • Gametime:  7:05 pm Forecast:  61 degrees, no precipitation Matchup:  Jordan Lyles (R) vs Domingo German (R) Lineups 1. Cedric Mullins (L) CF 2. Adley Rutschman (S) C 3. Anthony Santander (S) RF 4. Ryan Mountcastle (R) 1B 5. Gunnar Henderson (L) 3B 6. Terrin Vavra (L) 2B 7. Austin Hays (R) LF 8. Kyle Stowers (L) DH 9. Jorge Mateo (R) SS   1. Aaron Judge (R) RF 2. Anthony Rizzo (L) 1B 3. Gleyber Torres (R) 2B 4. Giancarlo Stanton (R) DH 5. DJ LeMahieu (R) 3B 6. Oswaldo Cabrera (S) LF 7. Harrison Bader (R) CF 8. Isiah Kiner-Falefa (R) SS 9. Jose Trevino (R) C Orioles Bench Jesus Aguilar (R) Robinson Chirinos (R) Ryan McKenna (R) Rougned Odor (L) Tyler Nevin (R)   Bullpen Availability Available Felix Bautista  1.1 IP, 33p Saturday Beau Sulser  3.1 IP, 52p last Wednesday (9/21) DL Hall (L)  2.0 IP, 34p Tuesday  Probably Available Bryan Baker  1.0 IP, 13p yesterday;  1.0 IP, 15p Tuesday  Logan Gillaspie 1.0 IP, 14p yesterday;  2.2 IP, 29p Monday Maybe Available Dillon Tate  1.0 IP, 22p yesterday;  1.0 IP, 8p Tuesday  Probably Not Available Keegan Akin 3.0 IP, 37p Wednesday Cionel Perez (L)  1.0 IP, 26p yesterday;  1.0 IP, 18p Tuesday  Spenser Watkins 4.1 IP, 82p Monday
    • On the surface, no it wouldn't be, and framing the argument this way makes what I said seem ridiculous.  But please hear me out... I'm not advocating walking these guys on 100% of their plate appearances.  When the situation is favorable to us (for example: bases empty, two outs, he can't tie the game by himself in this at bat, that type of low-leverage scenario), we're still going to pitch to him, because the damage potential is as minimal as it can be.  I think what I'm really trying to stress is the concept of BURST damage potential these guys always crush us with when we pitch to them at the wrong times.  So many times, the hottest hitter in MLB waltzes up to the plate with a couple of guys on... and we don't point to first and make his slumping or neutral teammate on-deck beat us; we pitch to stupidly-locked-in guy, and two minutes later, we're down three runs in the blink of an eye. It reminds me a lot of playing online games competitively against other players.  There are people playing the character who does lots of damage, but spread out over time or among many of his opponents.  And that's the guy you tend to pick fights with... he could hurt you, but you are likely to survive if you outplay him.  But then you see the guy playing the character who does a lot of damage at once in a focused burst if he happens to hit who he's firing at.  And you stay away from that guy when you see him, because if he hits you with a shot, you're just DEAD. This scenario with pitching to the red-hot hitter feels like the baseball equivalent of that. 
    • It’s John’s wife..and she does. But they were never moving the team.
    • Loosely counting the Mets-Braves loser in this, deGrom-Fried alongside Alcantara-Burnes is quite a pair of Friday night matchups. MIL has worked Burnes harder this year - 14 starts on 4-days rest, 14 on 5-days, and 3 other YTD. Last year only 2 of his 28 starts were on 4 days rest. Brandon Woodruff turns on 4 days rest, 7 out of 26 this year, a smaller increase above last year's 2 out of 30.
    • I don't think we saw Hall at his best.  That may seem obvious but he was said to occasionally hit triple digits as a starter and I think I saw him mostly topping out at 97 (maybe 98) as a reliever.    I'm not trading Hall unless I'm getting a young starter back.  I mentioned Nick Lodolo months ago so that's the type of arm I'd package Hall and others for.    I still think the best option is just to sign a very good starter in FA and hold onto the prospects a bit longer.    I can still see Stowers, Cowser, Westburg, Ortiz, and Norby all being part of next year's team at some point.    I could see one of Westburg/Ortiz/Norby going in a deal but that might not be until next July.
    • I think he was cash poor and was hoping for a sale of the Orioles to cash in.   Instead his mother and brother are holding out on selling till Peter is dead.   I think Lou is trying to force their hands.  
    • For what it's worth, I don't think anything less than a package around Holliday will get it done.   Are we in a 'win now' mode?  If this is the only goal, I can see a trade with a Holliday package. Or a 'build a perennial contender' mode?  If this is the bigger goal (and it's been stated), then no way the O's trade with a Holliday package.  We will be stacking talent at the bottom of the conveyer belt for the foreseeable future.  Not trading away top tier talent before it gets to the MLB. Anything in a tier below is likely part of the discussion.  Hall and Mayo get dicey for me because I'm a sucker for controllable upside.  But Hall is a better fit trading pitching for pitching.  Brewers made out pretty well on the Hader trade, so maybe they'll consider a package around Hall.
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