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The Jonathan Schoop Projection Thread


Project Jonathan Schoop's OPS for 2014  

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  1. 1. Project Jonathan Schoop's OPS for 2014

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Now that the roster is set, I'm posting projection threads for the other players who made the squad. I'm expecting a lot of difference of opinion on Schoop

Assuming that Schoop will be better offensively than Lambardozzi and Flaherty, the question for me is tied to defense. Showalter made a comment weeks ago about Schoop really being able to play good defense and turn the double play as well as anyone due to his arm strength. I thought at that point that Schoop hitting .400'ish in the Spring warranted him getting the job. If he starts off hot he may not be optioned when Machado comes back and could be the everyday second baseman.

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I dont think what Schoop can add offensively is what the team will need. When Machado is back Flaherty will be at second with Schoop on the bench.

I sure hope not. If Ryan gets 2nd base when Manny comes then Schoop needs to

be in 3A. He needs to play everyday not sit his butt on the bench. That does him

no good at all. IMO

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I think Flaherty will bat .236 this year at best. If I had to guess, Schoop will have an average like .254 if given enough of a chance to play at this level, but show signs of promise and is great defensively.

I know there is a lot of love for Flaherty on OH, however I just don't see him being more than a decent utility guy, with most of his value coming in as a defensive sub and an occasional spell for starters...I hope he proves me wrong.

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Same number as Clevenger... up close to .700. Real pitchers will catch up to him. He will not catch up back as fast. I'm in no way down on his prospect status, but he will get WORKED if he stays up for long. :(
If he plays a WHOLE year...

.230/.300/.375. 15 HR, 30 2B, 150 Ks.

This is right around what I'm thinking.

He probably has some hot streaks but the league will adjust faster they he does so his dry spells will be painful.

I'd say his %75 projection might be .260/.310/.400. More doubles. Still, OPS right around .700 is a good rookie year for a 2B.

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