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Nelson Cruz almost earned half his paycheck in the first game.


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Then Cruz will live the Buckner life for the rest of his being. That is not worth any amount of money.

Not sure if you've ever watched curb your enthusiasm, but Buckner has a tremendous cameo appearance. Seems able to poke fun at himself.

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What was it I read recently, that MLB teams pay 3 million per win? It's because of Cruz we won that game. He had a good catch in the outfield and had the game winning homerun basically. So that's 3 million out of 8 million he has already earned. Looks like this is going to be a good deal. Loving Nelson Cruz!

Can mods fix my typo in the title? Thanks.

How so? Our payroll is roughly $100 million. Say we win 100 games. That's $1 mill per.

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Not that this is a really good way to assign credit, but Cruz's home run gave us an extra 20% chance to win by WPA (win probability added.) The baseline is 50%. A hypothetical replacement team would have a 28% chance of winning. That means that the average player on a replacement level team would be roughly -2.5%. So strictly by translating WPA to wins over replacement, Cruz gave us about .225 WAR.

Fangraphs roughly agrees with this, since they assigned him 0.2 WAR.

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Did Cruz pitch and hold BOS to 1 run? No.

Therefore, he wasn't solely responsible for the win.

Tillman is technically 1 WAR now as well. Not many starters could have done that.

Davis and Jones need to be +1 tonight. They haven't even started raking yet, it was the supporting cast who did it that is exactly what the team needed.

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    • Look at their respective Statcasts and tell me what you see. 
    • I’m sure this has some hint of sarcasm to it. Because the answer to this question seems rather obvious. 1) Look at the age of the two pitchers. (27 v 31) 2) Fedde has NEVER been good before this year.  3) Look at Skubal’s Ks, Ks per nine, ERA not just this season but last year. It’s absolutely elite. 4) Fedde is a pitch to contact kind of guy, even in this his lone good season. Does that strategy really work/could it dominate in the postseason when you are facing the elite of the elite? Maybe against a team like SEA? But against NY, HOU, PHIL, LAD? Probably not. 5) We need a pitcher who is good enough to be successful over the course of multiple rounds, not just the opening round/one particular matchup. 6) Look at the difference in stuff. 7) Skubal is left handed. That has an advantage when pitching in parks like Camden Yards and Yankee Stadium.
    • Sell me on why Tarik Skubal is so much better than Erick Fedde.   
    • 28 pitches wasn’t good. I had forgotten it was that many.  We rode Bautista hard last year. It would make a lot of sense to bring Kimbrel back next year and have Bautista have some strict limitations in the regular season. 
    • IMO - The Rangers and Diamondbacks were “lucky” underdogs who overcame the odds last season. When you amass this much talent and undertake the steps it took to get here (extreme tanking which is now not allowed in baseball), the goal shouldn’t be to overcome the odds as an underdog in one October. IMO the goal should be a lot higher than that. Another Skubal type pitcher keeps the odds in our favor regardless of opponent. The Yankees will make a move. And right now (when healthy) the Phillies are better/more talented. To be honest I struggle to find an opponent where we will go into a series with the better pitching matchups (beyond Burnes).  Again, when you have the type of Major League talent and Minor League assets that we posses, the goal shouldn’t be to overcome the odds as an underdog. We should be trying to do what we can to tilt the odds in our favor. This may be our only season with Burnes, this this may be our best team. It’s not a sustainable strategy to acquire one year rentals (even as good as Burnes) most seasons. IMO you can’t continue to thrive doing 6 (years) for a (year) swaps.
    • We’ll have to be patient here. He probably won’t be in full season ball until 2026. 
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