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vs. RAYS, 4/14


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Yeah, it wouldn't surprise me if they split time, but they're both lefties...there's really no need to platoon them. I'm crossing my fingers that, if Flaherty continues to struggle offensively, he'll be pushed into the utility role once Machado returns.

Unrelated, good instincts by Hardy there.

Ah, you guys are complaining about RF as he comes up for the reverse jinx factor. I dig it. :)

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I'm wondering why Lough gets so many starts. We already have one outfielder who can't hit, do we really need another nonclutch singles hitter? I know Young specializes in hitting lefties, but he's been swinging a hot bat lately. What difference does it make playing the percentages w/Lough when he can't righties or lefties?

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