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Brewers fan ejected for aiming laser at hitter's face

Migrant Redbird

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'Barking' Cards incur Bob Davidson's wrath

Davidson also had to stop the game in the seventh inning during a Matt Holliday at-bat, when a laser-type light coming from the right-field stands was shined in Holliday's face.

"They were shining it right in his eye when he?s trying to hit," Matheny said. "That?s dangerous stuff.?

?It was fairly distracting,? Holliday admitted.

Elsewhere I heard or read that a fan was ejected. He should have been charged. Maybe he was; I couldn't find anything about it in the Milwaukee paper.

A video replay showed a faint green glow on Holliday's face at the time of the incident.

A replay of the called strike 3 on Carpenter showed the pitch was clearly 4-6 inches off the plate. Supposedly, Carpenter didn't use any profanity, but he was ejected anyhow.

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