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1977: Both Teams Wear Same Uniforms


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This one beats the "NATINALS" fiasco by a mile.


I was watching a 1977 TWIB episode, and I came across this.

At the 17:16 mark, Mel Allen asks, "What is wrong with this picture?"

The Brewers were playing the Royals in Milwaukee, and the Royals players were wearing BREWERS uniforms !!!

No joke. Somebody had broken into the Kansas City locker room at County Stadium in Milwaukee, and stole most of the Royals' uniforms.

Hence, you'll see a "Brewer" fly out to a Brewer, another "Brewer" get a hit off of another Brewer pitcher, etc.


Strange, but true.




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GMU Orioles Fan said:
I never knew about this. I love hearing about freaky little things about this always, though.



I just had a horrible thought ........

Imagine if somebody did that to our team when they were on the road, and the Orioles had to wear Yankees or Red Sox uniforms ??? :puke:



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Moshagi3ettuyuur said:
Dude, bad karma posting this video today ........



I'm not superstitious.

There are enough things in life to contend with without torturing myself with irrational beliefs (jinxes, whammies, curses.)

And so, whatever happens this weekend against the Red Sox will have nothing to do with what an obscure Oriole fan from Brewster, NY posted or did not post.



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