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K-Rod has been lights out for the Brewers

russ snyder

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Francisco Rodriguez is off to a great start as the closer for the Brewers. He has appeared in 19 games, has 19 innings pitched, 26 K's, 4 BB, & 1 HBP. His ERA is 0.00, and he has a WHIp of 0.632. He has 15 saves already. Not second guesiing the Orioles decision not to re-sign him, but the guy is off to an impressive start. Also, I read in Baseball Weekly that one of the factors in his decision to sign with Milwaukee was that he is "comfortable" with the team after playing there for part of last season.

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Games: 20 *

Games Finished: 20 *

Innings Pitched: 20

Team Record: 20-0

Personal Record: 1-0

Saves: 15 (15-for-16) *

BB: 4

SO: 26

E.R.A: 0.45

W.H.I.P: 0.650

* Leads the Major Leagues

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