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Jones still in Venezuela!!!


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Here are 4 lines from Jones to the Venezuelan paper.

- (Mariners general manager Bill Bavasi) called me yesterday and told me the news.

- I've got to go to Baltimore tomorrow morning and handle things there.

- I'm the centerpiece of the deal on the Mariners' side.

- It's an honor to get traded for such a highly talented pitcher as Bedard is.

Sorry, I don't buy this misquoted or lost in translation BS. If it was a mistake on something short for "I've been traded," then I might believe it. But those are pretty straightforward, like he actually talked to Bavasi, who gave him a ton of details and forgot to say, "oh, by the way, don't say anything to anybody."

I guess what I find odd is that I've never, ever heard a prospect talk about being traded before a trade was announced - ever in my short history on this earth. Sure - players comment on 'well if i'm traded, i'm traded, i'll play hard for whoever wants me, etc...', but this whole thing smells very strange and, for once, i don't think it's coming from our FO's BO.

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How long until your write-off this franchise?

If this all falls apart and we just lose Bedard and Roberts in free agency; do you say - I'm done with the O's until Angelos sells?

Do you become a Nats fan?

I've become apathetic in recent years - but was pretty excited about the full-blown rebuilding. Now....apathy is creeping back in.

I can't imagine anything ever really changing as long as Angelos owns this team. It will always be the same story, nothing will change as long as he keeps his muddy hands in the mix.

It is a sign of fan sanity to question these folks running this team. Call it a survival skill.

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