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Will Manny hit enough to stick at 3B


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I hear what your saying. If JJ can approximate his offensive production of the past few years then that works.

If however his numbers are down that IMO changes the equation significantly. I would rather be looking for a 3B who can play decent defense and put JJ Hardy's offensive numbers than be paying a 31 y.o SS with potentially declining numbers significant money for more than say 3 years.

JJ is playing his best defense this year. That is worth 1.5 to 2 W by itself. Whatever he does with the bat going forward is extra and he is not turning into Cesar Izturis anytime soon. You're not going to find a 6.5 W 3B to replace, Manny and they won't spend the money to upgrade at LF, RF, and DH, enough to make up the difference. Do the math.
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