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The Long, Strange Trip of Dock Ellis (Outside the Lines)


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Requesting a recap from GMU Orioles Fan for the Showtime special that he saw on Ellis last week.

Don't know if I can do a recap but basically it's an interesting look at a guy who is most well known for pitching a no hitter on acid but was so much more interesting than that. He was able to overcome his addiction and spent his later years helping other people get their lives together. And our own Orioles are featured some in the documentary since Ellis Pirates beat them in the '71 WS. I have a small soft spot for the Buccos due to my family's Pittsburgh roots and I love Clemente. They also touched on how Ellis hit four Cincinatti Reds in one inning once in 1974. It's a sad story in a way since Dock left us too young at 63(same age as my father is now) but also redemption since Dock was able to help a lot of people out.

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