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Favorite Orioles Role Players


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Who are the guys that, for the most part, didn't make much difference to the club but who you remember nonetheless, regardless of their impact.

From recent history:

Randor Bierd. In the beginning of the 2008 season, our bullpen was absolutely filthy and Randor Bierd was a big part of that. MacPhail had gotten him off the scrap heap and it was clear Bierd wouldn't keep it up, but it was awesome to watch anyways. I always got a kick of how much he puffed up his cheeks when he pitched. Plus, that name. I mean c'mon.

Chad Moeller. I don't think I was alone in loving Moeller as a back-up catcher. I never understood why they didn't bring him back.

Felix Pie. I just loved this guy. I was so convinced he was going to break through. He had a few insane hot streaks, including the run where he hit for the cycle, and could tear it up in the field, but it just never happened. He and Luke Scott were the most hilarious duo and I still hope to see their reality show/buddy film/sitcom. I hope he's still collecting helmets after home runs in AAA for Pittsburgh.

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None other than the Professor himself, Travis Driskill. Growing up wearing glasses until I was 15...seeing him pitch in the big leagues wearing the ole spectacles made me like him.

Although he was never that good. 8-8 in on year though if I remember correctly.

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