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Favorite Orioles Role Players


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Terry Crowley. Hit a pinch hit homer off of Goose Gossage in one of the first games I went to as a kid. I have been in love with the O's ever since. Got to meet him on the field with my dad in 1983 and still have the framed picture.

Lenn Sakata. As an Asian American, I thought it was cool that the O's had one of the few (only?) Asian players in the game at the time. And of course, he played C (and hit a walkoff HR) in the legendary game against the Blue Jays when Tippy Martinez had three consecutive pickoffs in extra innings.

Arthur Rhodes. Just always enjoyed watching this guy pitch but never got much recognition. Speaking of him, if Matusz keeps sucking I wouldn't mind the O's giving him a call.

Gerronimo Berroa. I just remember the guy having a knack for clutch hits off the bench for the '97 team.

Tony Tarasco. Good defensive OF. Should have made the play on the Meier ball but it wasn't meant to be.

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Felix Pie. I just loved this guy. I was so convinced he was going to break through. He had a few insane hot streaks, including the run where he hit for the cycle, and could tear it up in the field, but it just never happened. He and Luke Scott were the most hilarious duo and I still hope to see their reality show/buddy film/sitcom. I hope he's still collecting helmets after home runs in AAA for Pittsburgh.

Pie is in Korea, as is Scott.

Of course that would make for an even better reality show right? Luke and Felix in Korea. All we have to do now is get them on the same team.

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Oscar Salazar. Clutch player with very Steve Pearce-esque performances. Always thought he deserved more ABs than he ultimately got (instead we gave them to Kevin Millar.)


Also this guy has always stuck with me throughout the years. Just don't see many of his builds on the baseball diamond (listed as 6'5" 315lbs.)


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