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Who goes and who stays in 2015


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I'm not a big fan of the four days off for the All-Star break. Here something to pass the time. We have 2 1/2 month before the playoffs and off season but from where we are now:

Who goes and who stays in 2015?

Consider payroll and performance.


00 Tim Berry Stays

35 Brad Brach Stays

53 Zach Britton Stays

49 Dylan Bundy Stays

16 Wei-Yin Chen Stays

39 Kevin Gausman Stays

50 Miguel Gonzalez Stays

63 Preston Guilmet Stays Has option

29 Tommy Hunter Goes - Will cost too much in arbitration

31 Ubaldo Jimenez Stays

52 Steve Johnson Goes - Out of options

17 Brian Matusz Goes - O's want pitcher that can get lefties and righties out

66 T.J. McFarland Stays

47 Evan Meek Goes - Out of options

25 Bud Norris Stays

56 Darren O'Day Stays

57 Johan Santana Goes - O's will not pay him again

30 Chris Tillman Stays

58 Ryan Webb Stays

18 Suk-min Yoon Stays under contract

# Catchers

45 Steve Clevenger - Stays has option

40 Nick Hundley Goes - can't pay for him and Wieters

36 Caleb Joseph Stays

64 Michael Ohlman Stays

32 Matt Wieters Stays

# Infielders

19 Chris Davis Stays

3 Ryan Flaherty Stays has options

2 J.J. Hardy Stays will work out an extension

12 Steve Lombardozzi Stays has option

13 Manny Machado Stays

28 Steve Pearce Stays

6 Jonathan Schoop Stays has options

1 Jemile Weeks * Stays has option

# Outfielders

23 Nelson Cruz Goes - QO, but the O's will not pay for multi year contract at 34

10 Adam Jones Stays

9 David Lough Goes - O's will try to do better

21 Nick Markakis Stays Will work out an extension for less money

27 Delmon Young O's would take him back at low salary but if he want more than 2M he is gone.

# Designated Hitter

00 Henry Urrutia Stays

That's 30 stays.


Tyler Wilson

Eduardo Rodriguez

What's your opinion?

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Can you list those that are actually free agents? We can assume the others will be back' date=' save a trade or release.[/quote']

Cruz, Hardy, Young and Johan Santana are FAs

Markakis has a 17M option that will be declined

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I think Young is gone, as Pearce will be our RH OF/1B and we will try to get a LH platoon, like Lough was supposed to be. Santana is gone, unless he takes a minimum offer.

Cruz, Hardy and Markakis are getting the Oprah treatment "You get a qualifying offer, and you get a qualifying offer, and yes, you get a qualifying offer"

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I think Young is gone' date=' as Pearce will be our RH OF/1B and we will try to get a LH platoon, like Lough was supposed to be. Santana is gone, unless he takes a minimum offer.

Cruz, Hardy and Markakis are getting the Oprah treatment "You get a qualifying offer, and you get a qualifying offer, and yes, you get a qualifying offer"[/quote']

I agree that Cruz gets a QO. I don't think the O's will take the chance that Hardy or Markakis accepts between a 15 and 16M quality offer. The O's will sign them to extensions for less per year.

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This is good timing for the thread. I've been thinking of this, but have not wanted to discuss it while they are playing games.

I agree about Hundley provided Wieters recovery goes as planned.

I think Hunter stays. How much of a raise will he get in arbitration? With Matusz and Patton gone, they may end up paying the same for the bullpen. Of course O'Day will get another million and Britton will get a raise.

Will they go into camp with seven starters (Jimenez, Tillman, Gausman, Gonzalez, Norris, Chen, and Bundy)? Or do they trade one for a bat? Then stock up Norfolk with journeymen who could come in as the 8th option behind the remaining 6 and McFarland.

Of the three position FAs, I see all getting QOs with only Hardy returning. Duquette will have to work some magic to fill those corner spots. That's why I think one of the pitchers will get traded.

Young won't be back. And you're probably right about Lough. Although it doesn't hurt to carry him as a defensive replacement/pinch runner.

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I see Hardy and Cruz getting qualifying offers. I can't see the O's making Markakis a QO. No way that DD pays Markakis 17 mill (2 + 15) for 1 year. I see Hardy and Markakis back, but not Cruz. Some team is going to sign him to a stupid contract. Wouldn't surprise me to see him go to Boston. Lough is gone and replaced by someone who can hit his body weight. Young is gone too, maybe replaced by Walker from AAA.

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I wouldn't rule out extending Cruz. I don't think he will be getting the offers most seem to think he will. The O's could make the best one because they won't lose a pick.

I agree, it's not definite that the Orioles lose Nelson, imo.

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Nick will be back , Hardy should be back I'd say it's 70/30 cruz is gone , I think Wieters is the one that gets traded in the off season I think Davis gets extended

This raises an interesting question. I'm wondering if more fans would rather see Wieters back next year over Cruz. I think trading Wieters frees up the money need to resign Cruz and I don't believe the O's can afford Cruz otherwise. I'm in favor of trading Wieters and freeing up the money.

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Cruz-3 years 55m not a bad deal for the Orioles.

Hardy- Nice player but the Orioles got the best years out of him. No way i would offer him a QO cause he might take the 15m for a year.

Markakis-Nick has looked real slow in RF this year. Nick you were good for us a lot of years but I'm not paying him for past success. Give him his 2m and let him test Market. I wouldn't go more then 3 years 30m.

Young - You can find players like him every year.

Johan Santana- He's gone

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    • Do we know what his velocity was today? I know he doesn't light up the gun but was he at his normal? 
    • Longterm he’s probably that missing RH SU/MR that we’ve been looking for since the Fuji trade.  It’s probably Suarez vs Ramírez vs Tate for 1-2 bullpen spots. Wells and one of Irvin/Means could be in the bullpen mix as well.  Depth is good to have. I wouldn’t sleep on Ramirez either. Elias has shown a knack from adding relievers through trade or waivers. 
    • There's not a single high level prospect on the team he pitched against tonight and even the one out he got was crushed
    • Let’s tap the brakes on his move to the bullpen. His stuff plays and he can get outs. Best of all, he doesn’t walk anyone. He challenges hitters and gets weak contact. With our defense, I’d rather him give up the occasional double or flared hit to the outfield than to see walks. Keep him in the starting rotation until he proves he doesn’t belong. Wells and Irvin both have experience in the pen and frankly for Irvin, though I love him, has a real tough time throwing strikes at times.    anyway, let’s see what the old dog can do.
    • I could see Suarez sticking in a bullpen role long term with the movement on his fastball. Also he might be able to throw a 2 to 3 more MPH harder not having to worry about trying to pitch six innings. The Orioles have done a good job finding pitchers who weren't expected to do much in recent years and it would be cool if Suarez is another find.
    • I mean, heres where we really find out if Holliday is cut out for the majors and if he has the character to fight through major adversity right off the bat right?  Saw a good point that there was a guy previously that started 4 of 55, and that was ole #8.  Mike Trout didnt get his batting average up to .200 until May 31st of his first season.  Ideal? Absolutely not.  But when the franchises all-time hits leader started with the same slump its something to pay attention to.
    • Going 1 for 25 is not hard to do. I would imagine many HS Senior players could do that if given 25 at bats in the big leagues. Not saying Holliday is not worthy, just how bad going 1 for 25 is. Had someone not been on 1st, he could be 0 for 25. I would like to see him more aggressive early in the count and more protective late in the count.
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