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It is no fun watching Chris Davis


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I thought he looked much better last night and today. Seems to be slowing it down and just trying to make contact. I don't think he's too far away from being productive.

1st AB worked count to 3-1 and put a good swing on the ball for a hard groundout into the shift. I thought that was his best AB. 2nd AB was poor. Worked the count to 3-2, called out looking. 3rd AB got a soft liner to left.

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An interesting comment heard on The Fan today was that Showalter keeps putting Chris Davis in the line up hoping he will soon get a hit or contribute offensively.

Chris Davis has been on a long and steady decline and has not shown any signs of turning things around. He is now down to .196. 0 for his last 12 ABs . His MO is taking a called third strike or hitting directly into the shift. I know he has a lot of defenders out there in Oriole land, but the hard reality is that professional sports is a "what have you done for me lately" business. He and fans are still caught up in last season.

Every 6-7 games when Davis does get a hit everyone jumps on the bandwagon and says he is finally showing signs of breaking out.

Twice Showalter has pinch hit Davis for Delmon Young which is why I guess Buck gets the big bucks. No, Davis did not produce either time.

It also looks like AL pitchers have figured out Nelson Cruz too as he has been mired in a horrific slump. This team is not scoring runs and you cannot expect the pitchers to keep holding the opposition to 2-3 runs per game.

And yet the O's keep on winning. I do hope Davis breaks out of his slump though.

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